The Myth that Canada is a Global Force for Peace

Here are links to some articles by Richard Sanders (coordinator, Coalition to Oppose the Arms Trade; editor, Press for Conversion!) that debunk the myth that Canada is a global force for peace
George Orwell meets Canada’s General Walt Natynczyk in Iraq (The CCPA Monitor, Sept. 2008)
Canada's Covert  War in Iraq 
(The CCPA Monitor, Sept. 2008)

Two February coups: Canada 1963, Haiti 2004 (Feb. 2008)

MAJIIC Wars: Canada's RADARSAT satellite company sold to "weapons & space" giant, ATK (Feb 2008)

Canadian Military Components used in Israel's War Against Lebanon"

"'Missile Defense' Alive and Well in Canada"

Canadian Dimension (September/October, 2006) 1200-word article

"We Didn't Really Say 'No' to Missile Defence. Canadian complicity and participation in BMD continues."
The CCPA Monitor (October 2006, front page!) 3600-word article

Canada's Leading Role in the Militarisation of Space
COAT website, April 2006

The War in Iraq: Another Canadian “No-Means-Yes” Policy in Action
Press for Conversion!, March 2006

Election Issue: Canada DID Join Missile Defense!
The Activist Magazine, December 2005

Debunking the Myths of “Missile Defense”
Press for Conversion!, October 2005

The Myth of Canada’s Military Tragicomedy
Press for Conversion!, June 2005

The Myth of Canada's Anti-BMD Decision
The CCPA Monitor, Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, September 2005

Canada is Aiding and Abetting the Most Ambitious,Weapons Development Program in World History
Press for Conversion!, June 2005

Canada Requested “Missile Defense” Role
Press for Conversion!, June 2005

Canada, a Sad Tale of Pregnancy and Coverups
Press for Conversion!, June 2005

Canadian Complicity in the War on Iraq
The ACTivist Magazine, Winter 2004

Canada and the Big Business of War
Canadian Dimension, March/April 2004

Canada Pension Plan: investing in war-profiting businesses.
Catholic New Times, December 24, 2003

Canada's Role in the War and the Media's Crisis of Credibility
Centre for Research on Globalisation, July 2003

Who says we're not at war?
Globe and Mail, March 30, 2003

Canada’s "Secret" Contribution to the War in Iraq
Centre for Research on Globalisation, March 27, 2003

Did Canadian Weapons Kill Protesters in Papua New Guinea?
Press for Conversion!
, July 2001

Canada's Peacekeeping Myth
Ottawa Citizen, August 8, 2000

Seeing Through the Myth
Peace and Environment News, July-August 2000

In Search of Heroes: Canada's Peacemaker Myth
Press for Conversion!, July 2000

Dismantling the Myth of 'Canada the Peacemaker'
Press for Conversion!, April 2000

Peace activists condemn Canada's role in world arms trade
The Carillon, September 1999

Military Exports, Human Rights and Liberals
Press for Conversion!, March 1999

ARMX Camouflaged as Peacekeeping '93
Press for Conversion!, February 1993

Doublespeak: Debunking Myths of "Canadian Defence" and the Arms Trade
Press for Conversion!, Winter 1989/1990 (Issue # 1)