By Iakoha'ko:wa

Eagle Watch, Haudenosaunee Territory, August, 2008


We want to CANCEL warmakers trade shows like "Secure Canada 2008" planned for  Ottawa, September 30 and October 1.  We want to CANCEL ARMAGEDDON too!  Please help spread the word to STOP this fatalistic, "prophetic" madness.  Most people don't believe in Jesus Christ - so why believe in Armageddon?

Other people presume we must have one final bloodbath to bring in the people's "revolution".  This too is madness in a world where "firepower" exists to kill us all 150times over and lay waste to the entire planet.  The people's revolution will be a peaceful, enlightening event.

Our only reasonable hope for survival is to put an end to WAR.  We don't want it.  We don't need it.

If business is so booming for these military industrialists, why do they need to advertise their toys of repression at these frequent trade shows?  Who will attend this latest performance planned for Ottawa's Lansdowne Park?  Government officials wandering around looking for a "whole-of-government strategy" ie., looking to swell the "defence" budget some more?  Will there be academics skulking around, looking for R&D handouts or embedded journalists "networking"?  Or just all the old boys patting each other on the back and scorning the rest of us?  Or all of the above??

The Canadian military budget of nearly $500million is an astounding figure.  Compare that to the US Department of Homeland Security 2008 budget.  "Pinched Face" Bush demanded $46.4 billion for just one year.  One Billion Dollars is going to the SBI Secure Borders Initiative which includes electric fences, uav's and REAL ID for the US-Mexico and US-Canada borders which run through Indigenous communities.  Another $778 million will go to doubling the number of armed and dangerous border patrol agents who harass and terrorize Indigenous people at "check points".

The DHS budget for 2009 is over $50billion and includes $1.3 billion to "counter IED threats" such as explosives detection technology at airports, $50 million for R&D and $9 million for the Office for Bombing Prevention.  DHS guys will be shopping at SecCan if it happens.  Watch out for Michael "Death Warmed Over" Chertoff, hanging from the rafters.

As the "US with help from Israel" NATO mission continues its genocide and provocation of Russia in Georgia, we must continue our efforts to STOP all this carnage and military buildup in our own territory.

The mass media can spew out all the lies and propaganda they want, we know it is about the plunder of oil and gas and pipelines in the Caspian Basin.  The elitist psychopaths view humanity as their enemies and want to kill everybody off.  It's an information war.  Fight back with the truth loud and clear!

With hard times intensifying in the economically suppressed St. Lawrence/Great Lakes region aka Ontario, Quebec and New York State, - people will feel forced to fight for jobs and livelihood.  Once again the heartless elite cartels plan to profit on the misery and view the chaos from a "remote location".

These 2-bit punks figure they need to keep tight controls on the people who will rebel against being coerced into the militarization plans.  An old tactic is being used to pit the people against each other.  Some are being used as well paid police, border goons, spies, journalists, engineers, and technicians to kill and repress the rest into compliance in low-paying, menial and service jobs and even outright poverty subsistence.  You can be sure people protesting war trade shows and military industrialization will be blamed for driving away jobs from their communities.

Plans for the fascist military regime, "North American Union" are well on their way too.  Back in February, 2008, in Texas, the commanders of NORAD/US Northcom and Canada Command signed a Civil Assistance Plan "that allows the military from one nation to support the armed forces of the other nation during a civil emergency".

THIS MEANS THEY CAN STAGE A DISASTER OR TERRORIST EVENT in Canada, then call in the US marines! and profit on all the "security" plans.  Canada Command intends to be an exhibitor at Ottawa's Lansdowne Park, September 30 and October 1.

Being nothing but vampires, these bigsh*t bigshot arms traders cannot bear the light of scrutiny.  It looks like they're all trying to profit on the uav fad   by showing their wares at the show.

L-3 MAS, a division of Texas-based L-3 Communications Inc., calls itself the "largest military aerospace maintenance organization in Canada".  They keep all the various planes flying, upgrading them and repairing them, everything from start to finish.  Most of their 1,000 employees work at their facility at Montreal's Mirabel airport.  They have big contracts to do "fleet management" of f18 hornet fighter jets and c130 hercules transport jets.


L-3MAS make the "Centre Barrel Replacement (CBR)" for the Royal Australian Air Force’s Hornet Upgrade (HUG) program after the barrels are worn out from shooting so many bombs and killing people.  That's a $106million contract.

The f-18 hornets made by Boeing and used by US, UK, Canadian and Aussies, have bombed Iraq, Afghanistan and Yugoslavia, killing thousands and devastating the landscape in all those places.

 These fast moving jets, not famous for accuracy, carry some pretty big bombs including the CBU Cluster Bomb series, GBU guided bomb series, many containing DU (depleted uranium) and nuclear warheads.  These bombs range from 500lb to 2,000lbs each.  The cluster bombs are made of bomblets that disperse to penetrate armour and kill people.  They are incendiary but not all the bomblets go off at once.  They remain on the ground waiting for innocent children to come out to play after the attack is over.

 L-3 MAS also looks after helicopters such as the CH-148 Cyclone.  L-3SPAR, part of L-3MAS, takes care of the "optimized Structural Maintenance Plan (SMP) for the CF-18" as well as base maintenance of hangars, etc., etc.  They work with Sikorsky on Canada’s Maritime Helicopter Program (MHP)to develop the Maritime Helicopter Weapon System (MHWS). This is part of the big focus on coastal/littoral military activity, building Fortress America.

 L-3MAS works on uavs (unmanned aerial vehicle systems)like the armed Hermes with Elbit Systems Ltd., Israel's top military industry and Thales Group Canada Limited.   They wanted to get DND's $130 million Project NOCTUA, "a Leased,  Contractor - Maintained  UAV System for Use by the Canadian military" in Afghanistan but in the end, MDA working with Israel's other UAV maker, IAI (Israel Aerospace Industries) got it. (see below)

 Elbit and Thales UK, run the U.K. Watchkeeper Tactical UAV program. Thales decided they didn't want the DND deal. Either way, these guys are relentless about crowding the skies with uav's and other garbage.  This looks like a new kind of air pollution.

 BAI Aerosystems, a division of L-3 Communications Corp., work with L-3 MAS on the Viking 100 UAS. Their extensive product line includes multiple UAS platforms, flight control systems, payloads, data links, field support equipment, pneumatic launchers, testing and engineering services.

 L-3Mas' top guys include Gilles "Best Wipeout on a NonObstacle" Lefebvre, Vice President, Maritime Helicopter Program who led the RADARSAT-1 team and Sylvain "Bla, Bomb, Bla, Bomb" Bedard, president of L-3MAS and on CADSI board for at least 3 years now.  Bedard likes to give speeches and talk to the media.  Maybe he needs to hear from you!

 In a March07 press release from L-3Mas, "the federal government has announced military aviation procurements of an unprecedented magnitude, estimated at over $13 billion... for the next 20 years...Quebec particularly, since the province represents over 50% of the Canadian aerospace industry."

 So that's 26 times the $1/2 billion or $490million budget for the Canadian military.  This is completely absurd, these guys are juggling numbers that can never add up!  They have to keep juggling fast or all their balls will fall on the ground and collapse with the economy.

 GENERAL ATOMICS of San Diego, CA, make UAV's and boast the deadliest, biggest one, MQ-9 Reaper and they do mean the GRIM REAPER.  It's a hunter-killer designed for pilotless destruction.  Are these guys extraterrestrial beings?  They are already far beyond INSANE in any human sense of the term!

 According to DID (Defense Industry Daily), ONE of THESE HIGH FLYING BIG B*ST*RDS CAN CARRY AND DROP UP TO 4 HELLFIRE MISSILES with GPS guidance.  The MQ-9 Reaper has Raytheon’s surveillance and targeting turret.  The whole hideous project is managed by Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio.

 Italy just bought four Reapers and Germany, five though Germany says they don't  plan to arm theirs.  UK and US already use them in Iraq and Afghanistan, especially.  The Afghani resistance knows all about uav's.

 Everybody's into the cash grab of UAS (unmanned aerial systems) development including MacDonald, Dettwiler and Associates Ltd. of Vancouver, BC who have over 3,000 employees in Canada, US and UK.  MDA are high tech information managers including decision making using satellites and uav's.

 According to the Canadian Defence Review, a military publication, CADSI member and exhibitor at "sec can", "MacDonald, Dettwiler and Associates Ltd. (TSX: MDA), announced that on June 10, 2008, it undertook the first Search and Rescue Mission involving both an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) and manned aircraft in Canadian history. The Suffield, Alberta demonstration included participants from MDA, Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI), the Civil Air Search and Rescue Association (CASARA), and Calgary Northeast Conservative MP Art "Hungover and Mean" Hanger, who volunteered his time to play the role of a plane crash survivor. The exercise was filmed by the Discovery Channel."

MDA just got the three year Project Noctua $130million contract for Canadian military surveillance UAV's in Afghanistan. If it's just for surveillance as they insist, why use the great big Hermes killer?

David Hargreaves, an MDA vice president says they really want to get into the uav market.  He knows there's a lot of sucker money to be made there, especially in such a never ending military occupation like Afghanistan.  Lots of UAV's are being rushed to Georgia in the Caucasus now too.  Where next?

MDA also just signed a deal with the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) "to provide an information solution to store and manage airport, runway and navigational aid information for the United States". It's part of the "larger FAA Instrument Flight Procedures Automation (IFPA) initiative to modernize flight path design and maintenance processes" which includes setting up rules for all the uav's they anticipate will be flying all over the place.

The top two executives at MDA are Robert "Quit Your Lying" Phillips and "Dewey Eyed" Daniel E. Friedmann.  Dan is the interview man who likes all the military buildup because it's good for business.  He hopes to be a decision maker inside the DND any day now.  He's buddies with David Emerson and Maxime Bernier.

It may be difficult for us to find out any more details since "Head Honcho" Harper has decreed that all military related communications with media must pass by him personally.  Talk about a megalomaniac!

"BigGuns" BOEING and Insitu Inc. make the Scan Eagle UAV for the Aussie and US Navies, the US Marines and the Aussie Army who use them in Afghanistan. Based in St. Louis, Missouri, Boeing Integrated Defense Systems boast annual sales of $32.1 billion and 71,000 employees worldwide.  According to Chris "Shoot em and never ask questions" Chadwick, President, Boeing Military Aircraft, they are aggressively pursuing the uav market, especially the armed uav's.  Chris was previously head of the F-18 Fighter Program.

Jim "Joker Run Wild" Albaugh, President and CEO of Boeing Integrated Defense Systems has the Bob Hope Distinguished Citizen Award and in 2003, he was appointed by President George W. Bush to the National Security Telecommunications Advisory Committee.

Boeing, the biggest of the big, makes weapons and airplanes.  They boast a Small Diameter Bomb (SDB), weighing 250-pounds, a "near precision-guided weapon launched from a fighter, bomber or unmanned aircraft that will destroy targets from a range of greater than 40 miles, penetrate more than three feet of steel-reinforced concrete with reduced collateral damage. (If it's "near precision", doesn't that mean it's not so precise?) Boeing also runs the Department of Homeland Security SBInet (Secure Borders Initiative).

These are just some of the deluded men wanting to make a pile of money manufacturing big toys like uav's and other spy equipment for waging war on the people of the world.  Putting a stop to all these trade shows will help to slow them down in their warmongering schemes.

We have to change the prevailing mindset away from "conquering nature" to fitting into our place in Nature.  We appear to be heading for Destruction but it's not over yet.  If we connect with our part of Mother Earth, we can gain strength and courage to do what must be done to stop this madness.  The strength of Women is being called upon.  We have to say, "Enough is enough!  Stop the war and destruction!"  And do something about it.


Eagle Watch, Haudenosaunee Territory



Contact the Ottawa mayor and councillors to express your objections to "Secure Canada 2008".  It's a warmakers trade show!  Some of these people do oppose the show themselves.


Mayor Larry O'Brien and Councillors

City of Ottawa, 110 Laurier Avenue West,

Ottawa, K1P 1J1

Phone them at (613) 580-2400 or 1-866-261-9799.


Email them all:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,


See COAT (Coalition to Oppose the Arms Trade)  for more updates and articles at


Department of Homeland Security Budgets


US Northern Command


L-3 MAS   10000 Helen-Bristol Street

Montréal International Airport ­ Mirabel, Mirabel (Québec)J7N 1H3

Phone: (450) 476-4000 Fax.: (450) 476-4460


L-3 WESCAM Head Office

649 North Service Rd. West Burlington, Ontario Canada L7P 5B9

Tel: (905) 633-4000 Fax: (905) 633-4100

"visual information systems"


L-3Communications Integrated Systems


Elbit Systems Ltd. Advanced Technology Center

PO Box 539 Haifa,  31053 Israel

Phone: 972 4 831 5315  Fax: 972 4 855 0002

Web Site:

They make surveillance and killer uav's


General Atomics


Aircraft Systems Group:

General Atomics Aeronautical Systems, Inc.

16761 Via Del Campo Court San Diego CA 92127, USA

Phone: (858) 312-2810  Fax: (858) 312-4247

They make the killer Predator ucav and others.  GA is also into nuclear waste, chemical weapons disposal; radiation exposure; protein technology.


Canadian Defence Review (you have to pay to read the articles)

P.O. Box 305, 21 Main Street, Markham, Ontario, L3P 3J8


MP Art Hanger Conservative (founding member of Reform Party)

Constituency: Calgary Northeast, Alberta

Telephone: (613) 947-4487 Fax: (613) 947-4490


Web Site:*

Constituency Offices:  2635 - 37th Avenue NE, Suite 140 Calgary, Alberta

T1Y 5Z6

Telephone: (403) 291-0018 Fax: (403) 291-9516


Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI)

Ben-Gurion International Airport 70100

Phone: 972 3 93531111  Fax:  972 3 9358278

IAI North America, Arlington Virginia

1 703 243 2207


MDA   MacDonald, Dettwiler and Associates Ltd.

13800 Commerce Parkway  Richmond, British Columbia Canada V6V 2J3

Telephone: (604) 278-3411  Fax: (604) 278-1837

E-mail:   General inquiries:

Customer Support    Fax: 1-604-278-3786  E-mail:



Boeing Corporate Offices

100 North Riverside Chicago, Illinois 60606


Boeing Integrated Defense Systems Connexion by Boeing

P. O. Box 516 St. Louis, Missouri 63166


Monica Aloisio

Military Aircraft Communications

(703) 414-6033


NB:  During the month of July, Defence Construction Canada (DCC) awarded $4, 669,227.36 worth of contracts for the Trenton air base alone.  The Canadian Forces Aerospace Warfare Centre is located at Trenton.  It has a lot to do with UAS's.