Tech Net North 2008

Theme: "National Security in a Coalition Environment"


"Canada's Premier C4ISR* Exhibition and Professional Development Conference"


* C4ISR is an military and intelligence jargon meaning:

"Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance"


Its organizers describe it as "an annual exhibition and seminar highlighting Command and Control innovations, strategies, operations and technology in North America."


This an annual event alternates between Canada and the US and is organized by the Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association (AFCEA).


Tech Net North is both:

(1) a conference/seminar (view the schedule here) and

(2) a military trade show/exhibition allowing companies to promote their products and services.



Tech Net North 2006

The last time Tech Net North was in Ottawa was 2006. At that time, billing itself as "Canada’s Premier Showcase for Defence, Public Safety and Security," its theme was:

"Seamless Global Security – A Multidimensional Challenge"


It was organized by AFCEA Canada and AFCEA International.


Tech Net North 2006 had "over 70 exhibits and 3 days of conference keynotes and panel sessions."


Here is its 2006 exhibitor's list:

More about Tech Net North 2008
"TechNet North 2008 brings together the players, the issues and the technologies that facilitate Canadian and international cooperation in defence, public safety and security. Organized by AFCEA in Canada, TechNet North 2008 delivers an innovative professional development conference and a major trade exhibition focused on the latest C4ISR solutions, products and technologies.

With approximately 100 exhibits and 2 days of conference keynotes and panel sessions, attending TechNet North is an absolute must for defence, public safety and security professionals. The theme for TechNet’s 2008 conference program “National Security in a Coalition Environment”, focuses on the operations of the Canadian Forces in conjunction with allies and partners."


Tech Net North is Organized by the AFCEA

This year's event—to be held in Ottawa in conjunction with "Secure Canada 2008"—is organized by the Canadian chapter of the AFCEA, and the Ottawa chapter in particular.



 "has 381 corporate members, representing 49 companies and 209 individual members from within the National Defence and from other Federal Government departments/agencies and from a variety of private information tecnology [sic] and market development companies."


More about the AFCEA

"We are an international, non-profit organization that represents the professional communications, electronics, intelligence, and information systems community.

AFCEA provides a forum for the government and industry leaders to meet, exchange ideas and concepts, discuss current problems and solutions, and identify the future requirements of the technical disciplines of communications, electronics, intelligence, and information systems.

Founded in 1946, AFCEA's roots trace back to the American Civil War. Today, AFCEA serves as a bridge between government requirements and capabilities. "

"AFCEA International is a non-profit membership association serving the military, government, industry, and academia as an ethical forum for advancing professional knowledge and relationships in the fields of communications, IT, intelligence, and global security.

AFCEA Participants

  • 19,000 individual members
  • 13,000 corporate associates
  • 1,600 corporate members

"AFCEA’s members, sponsors and associates are among the world’s leading designers, planners, manufacturers, testers and users of systems, services and components for communications, intelligence, imaging and information systems."

Location Location Location
AFCEA International's HQ in Fairfax Virginia is located only 18 miles from CIA HQ in McLean Virgina.

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