What is the Driving Force behind "Secure Canada 2008"?

Answer: The US Government, US war-related industries and US associations representing the US Military-Industrial Complex

The key organizer of the entire "Secure Canada 2008" trade show is Rick Tachuk. He has extensive work experience with the US government and US business associations, including the following:

(1) Rich Tachuk was an employee of the US Embassy in 2000-2001, when it was located at 100 Wellington St.  He is listed as the contact person for the US Embassy in a document for the International Masters of Business Administration Internship Program at the University of Ottawa. His phone and fax numbers, listed in this document, match those used by the US Embassy at its 100 Wellington St. office, across from the Parliament Buildings in Ottawa.
When AmCham Canada (The American Chamber of Commerce in Canada) opened a new Ontario Chapter in the National Capital Region, Rick Tachuk, was the chapter's head. There was a celebration of this "initiative at an inaugural reception hosted by U.S. Ambassador to Canada, David H. Wilkins." The announcement of this US Embassy event said Tachuk brought "over 20 years direct experience in U.S.-Canada cross-border trade and investment."
(3) Rick Tachuk worked for the US government to prepare analysis on Canada's "Aerospace/Defense Industries" for a "
Country Commercial Guide" of the U.S. & Foreign Commercial Service and U.S. Department of State. He is listed as an "Analyst," and his "post" was listed as Ottawa.

The organization of each of the three military trade show components that comprise "Secure Canada 2008" is being spearheaded by either the US government or Canadian branch operations of US-based organizations.

(1) Secure Canada and the World
The biggest component of this part of "Secure Canada 2008" is the
U.S. Embassy Defense & Security Exhibition which will be held at the US Defense and Security Pavilion inside an exhibition hall at Lansdowne Park.

(2) TechNet North 2008
This component of "Secure Canada 2008" is organized by the Canadian chapter, and particularly the Ottawa chapter, of a US-dominated international military/war industry association—with 130 chapters in 33 countries—called the Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association International (AFCEA International). Based in Fairfax Virginia the AFCEA headquarters is located, coincidentally, only 18 miles from CIA headquarters.

(3) The Unmanned Systems Canada Expo 2008
This component of "Secure Canada 2008" is organized by the Canadian chapter of another US-dominated international military/war industry entity called the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International (AUVSI). With "members from government organizations, industry and academia," it bills itself as "the world’s largest and oldest non-profit organization dedicated to serving and promoting" this military-dominated industrial sector. AUVSI has more than 1,400 corporate members and organizations in 50 countries. (Source)  Based in Arlington Virginia, the AUVSI headquarters is located, coincidentally, only 12.4 miles from CIA headquarters.

Six of the nine sponsors of "Secure Canada 2008" are American:

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