U.S. Embassy Defense and Security Exhibition

The fourth annual "U.S. Embassy Defense & Security Exhibition" is a military trade show that "will feature displays by leading U.S. companies."

This year (2008), despite a Motion passed almost unanimously (11-1) by Ottawa City  in 1989, this military exhibition is scheduled to take place at a municipal facility, Lansdowne Park. 

Exhibitors and Buyers
"Take advantage of the strong growth in Canada’s defense, security and public safety sectors and gain first-hand knowledge of Canadian government procurement policies and requirements necessary to develop business opportunities in Canadian national security.

The U.S. Embassy Defense & Security Exhibition will be held at Lansdowne Park in Ottawa, Canada's capital, and home to hundreds of senior federal government procurement officials and decision-makers from dozens of departments and agencies.

Qualified U.S. suppliers of security and defense products will have the opportunity to gain access to top defense, security and law enforcement officials, senior business leaders and heads of private sector infrastructure systems.

The U.S. Embassy Defense & Security Exhibition is the only trade event of its kind in Canada open to U.S. companies interested in accessing Canada’s expanding defense and security market."

U.S. Embassy Defense and Security Exhibition 2007
Between Oct. 3-4, 2007, this US government sponsored event—which then described itself as "Canada 's premier defense and security showcase"—was held at the Ottawa Congress Centre (OCC).

The US Embassy described its event as an
"exclusive two-day trade show and networking event will showcase the latest U.S. and Canadian products and services for the defense, security and public safety sectors. Visitors to the U.S. Embassy Defense and Security Exhibition span a broad audience that includes government departments and agencies with interests in security, public safety, risk mitigation, threat response and emergency management and planning."

A "partial list" of 50 exhibitors at the "U.S. Embassy Defense & Security Exhibition" in 2007, contains many large U.S. and Canadian manufacturers of  weapons systems and other military products, plus a few military-industry associations and publications. View the list here:



Associated Events
"In addition to displays of leading defense and security technologies, the [2007] exhibition features daily product presentations by leading U.S. manufacturers, specialized workshops and the AUVSI Canada Pavilion."

"The [2008] event also features procurement briefings for participating companies, as well as the opportunity to network and make senior level contacts a U.S. Ambassador’s Reception."

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