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U.S. Embassy plans Arms Show in Ottawa (Sep30-Oct1) despite 1989 ban!

The U.S. Embassy has scheduled a huge arms bazaar at Lansdowne Park this fall, despite an Ottawa City Council Motion of 1989 that banned all future military trade shows from municipal property.  If it goes ahead, the "U.S. Embassy Defense & Security Exhibition" (Sept. 30 - Oct.1) will be the first weapons expo on Ottawa City property since May 23-25, 1989, when ARMX?Canada's largest military exposition of that time?filled Ottawa's Lansdowne Park.

Following a public outcry inspired by a campaign against ARMX organized by the Coalition to Oppose the Arms Trade (COAT), Ottawa City Council barred the return of "
ARMX or other such arms exhibitions" to municipal property.
Learn about COAT's opposition to ARMX: http://coat.ncf.ca/ARMX/disARMX.htm
Read the almost-unanimous City Council Motion (April 19, 1989): http://coat.ncf.ca/ARMX/bylaw.htm

Secure Canada 2008 ? Three Arms Bazaars Rolled into One!
The upcoming U.S.-government sponsored arms bazaar is one part of a much larger military trade event called "Secure Canada 2008."  This exhibition is actually three separate arms shows in one. It promises to be the biggest, international war-industry exposition in Ottawa since ARMX '89.
Learn about "Secure Canada 2008":

Sponsors: This gross manifestation of the military-industrial complex is being sponsored by the U.S. government, large U.S. weapons exporters and two Canadian military-industry magazines crammed with government war propaganda and glossy ads for expensive weapons systems.
Learn who is sponsoring Secure Canada: http://coat.ncf.ca/ARMX/SC2008sponsors.htm

Exhibitors: Secure Canada 2008 has 160 booth spaces for showcasing products and services. Organizers have so far released a list of 50 exhibitors.
View an annotated exhibitors list here: http://coat.ncf.ca/ARMX/sc-list.htm

What can we do?

COAT will pressure the City of Ottawa to live up to its 1989 motion banning the use of municipal property for all future military trade shows.
Tell the City that arms bazaars still aren't welcome anywhere in Ottawa, least of all at publicly-funded facilities.

Please sign online PETITION now to "Stop Ottawa's Arms Shows."

(Print version: Here is a printable version of the petition that you can use to get additional signatures.)

Email: Tell the Mayor, City Councillors and Staff what you think!

If we can't stop this arms bazaar from coming to Ottawa, we will rally to protest it. Please join us!

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