"Puffs" from the War Horse's Mouth

"Secure Canada provides the ideal opportunity for defense and security professionals to see and learn about the latest products and technologies and to network with key contacts from both government and industry. Leading Canadian and international companies will display technologies and products focused on the growing needs of government public safety, security and defense agencies and private sector security. Secure Canada is the only international event in Canada for security, public safety, risk mitigation, threat response and emergency planning."

"Secure Canada 2008" describes itself as "Canada's International Security Exhibition" and explains that:
"Secure Canada redefines national and international cooperation in security, public safety, risk mitigation, threat response and emergency planning. Meet national and international suppliers, partners and customers. Experience leading solutions for government and industry from Canada and abroad!"

"Canada’s exclusive international exhibition for the security, defense and public safety sectors. With participation by Canadian and foreign companies, SECURE Canada 2008 is the only trade show of its kind targeting both public sector and private sector market opportunities in Canada and abroad.""SECURE Canada’s innovative exhibition format showcases complementary vertical market segments and national and international organizations in one main event."
"Electric Strategies Announces the Launch of Secure Canada 2008"

Exhibitors are being enticed to attend by statements from organizers assuring them that the event will "offer real business opportunities like no other trade event in Canada."

Exhibitors will also be pleased to know that "Secure Canada is CERTIFIED under the U.S. Department of Commerce Trade Show Certification Program."


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