Table of Contents

Front Cover andAcknowledgements

Canada is Aiding and Abetting the Most Ambitious Weapons Development Program in World History
What is so-called “Missile Defense” Really All About?
Canada: A State in Denial

Canada Requested “Missile Defense” Role in NORAD
From Flip-Flop Flashbacks to False Facades
U.S. helped Pearson bring down Dief’s Minority Government to get U.S. Nukes into Canada
NORAD’s “Warning” and “Control” Functions
The Pretense of Opposition
Pettigrew says Canada Open for ‘Missile Defence’ Business
What does Pettigrew know and when did he know it?
Correction to PRINTED version re: NORAD's North Warning System and BMD

The ABCs of Corporate Complicity
ATCO Frontec Corp
Nasittuq Corp
The Origins of NORAD’s North Warning System
AUG Signals Ltd.
Bristol Aerospace Ltd.
CAE Ltd.
NDP Critiques Government Support for CAE
Pork Barrelling 101: How the Scam Works
Derek Burney: CAE’s Not-So-Secret Weapon
Quotations from Derek Burney

CMC Electronics Cincinnati
CMC’s Gerry Schwartz and Paul Martin’s War Chest
Cognos Inc.
COM DEV International Ltd.

Canada, a Sad Tale of Pregnancy and Coverups!
To be continued... Canada’s Role in “Missile Defense”

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