M/A-COM Tyco Electronics

If a worker at M/A-COM Tyco Electronics knowingly provided a short length of coaxial cable produced at their factory to someone who then used it to strangle someone, they would be an accessory to that one murder.

But when hundreds of this company's workers have toiled away for 50 years making miles of coaxial cables that have knowingly been sold for use in dozens of the world's deadliest major weapons systems that have killed literally millions of people in wars since Vietnam, no one is ever accused of any crimes, of course.

 All of the images on this page come from Tyco's catalogue called: "M/A-COM Coaxial Cable Assemblies"

At the far left is a "partial list" of M/A-COM "Cable Heritage." It documents over 40 different major weapons systems that have relied upon Tyco's cables. On the list are dozens of attack and fighter planes and helicopters, "heritage" nuclear bombers (B-1B and B-52), electronic warfare aircraft,  heavy military transports for moving troops and tanks, the U2 spy plane, the Trident II nuclear missile and several rockets (Delta and Atlas) and "sea launch" missiles seen at right.

So M/A-COM Tyco doesn't make weapons, it just makes much of the high-performance wiring that makes most of the major weapons systems within the US arsenal work, that's all. Remove their cables and these weapons just won't function, period. That's what's called being an accessory, a co-conspirator in mass murder. But still, they don't actually make the weapons, not entirely anyway. They're just like so many of the other corporate entities within the military-industrial complex. None of them really actually make weapons do they? But when taken together, when all of their products are assembled and connected, voila, the warfighters get the end result they desired: They have their hands on hundreds of major weapons systems that they have been using for decades to wage wars around the world. But no single company is to blame, therefore, apparently, none are to blame. It's a good scam a good system this compartmentalization of weapons production.

Major Defense Acquisition Programs
he Pentagonís 2009 Budget Request Summary Justification provides a wishlist for $184 billion worth of "Major Weapons Systems." The "highest profile" of these programs, i.e., the most expensive ones are "designated as Major Defense Acquisition Programs (MDAP)."  M/A-COM Tyco is one of nine "Secure Canada 2008" exhibitors that are involved in one these top MDAPs (the Trident II). For details, see "The Role of 'Secure Canada 2008' Exhibitors in America's MDAPs."

Here is a partial listing -- over 300 web pages -- about this company's military-related products from Tyco's website.

Tyco Antennas are "on virtually every U.S. military platform and system"

Besides cables, Tyco also makes military antennas. In fact, here's what they say about this "heritage":

"In Electronic Warfare we have been particularly successful with broadband, high power antennas. Since 1958, we have shipped thousands of antennas to military and commercial customers. Our antennas are in use on virtually every U.S. military platform and system and on many foreign platforms."

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