The Role of "Secure Canada 2008" Exhibitors in
America's Major Defense Acquisition Programs (MDAP)

By Richard Sanders, coordinator, Coalition to Oppose the Arms Trade (COAT); editor, Press for Conversion!

In the US Department of Defense (DoD) 2009 Budget Request Summary Justification there is a 65-page section describing $184 billion worth of "Major Weapons Systems." The "highest profile" of these programs, i.e., the most expensive Major Weapons Systems currently being developed and/or upgraded by the DoD are "designated as Major Defense Acquisition Programs (MDAP)." See page 155 of this DoD document for a table listing the "Top 25 MDAPs" in order of their cost in billions of $US. (They range from from $12 to $300 billion.).

"Secure Canada 2008" Exhibitors
Among the 42 known exhibitors planning to show their stuff at "Secure Canada 2008" there are at least nine companies that are involved in one or more of these top MDAPs:
Boeing, CAE, Elbit Systems, General Atomics, General Dynamics Canada, Green Hill Systems, M/A-COM Tyco Electronics, Meggitt, and Sun Microsystems.

Only five of the Top 25 MDAPs do not seem to have the participation of at least one exhibitor known to be planning to attend "Secure Canada 2008." (Note: Because less than one third of the potential final number of "Secure Canada 2008" exhibitors have so far been disclosed by organizers, the actual number of these exhibitors engaged in MDAPs may be much higher.)

By far the most significant corporation working on these Top 25 MDAPs is Boeing. It is the prime contractor, or a major player, in 16 of the Top 25 MDAPs.

The data below was collecting by using a specialized Google Search Tool developed by COAT called the "Secure Canada 2008 Corporate Exhibitors - Search Engine." This tool searches all of the websites of the 42 known corporate exhibitors. Click on the links below to see the results of of each search:

F-35 (Joint Strike Fighter) warplanes
Boeing, Elbit Systems, Green Hills Software

FCS (Future Combat Systems)
Boeing, Sun Microsystems, Meggitt

BMDS (Ballistic Missile Defense System)

SSN 774 (New Attack Submarine)

F-22 (Raptor) warplanes
Boeing, Green Hills Software

DDG 51 (Destroyer) warships
Boeing, Meggitt

C-17A (Globemaster III) warplanes
Boeing, Green Hills Software

V-22 (Osprey) warplanes
Boeing, Elbit Systems

F/A-18E/F (Super Hornet) Fighter/Attack warplanes
Boeing, CAE,  Elbit Systems

Trident II Missile (Submarine launched nuclear weapon)
Boeing, Macom

DDG 1000 (DD(X)) (Destroyer) warships
General Atomics

EELV (Evolved Expendable Launch Vehicle) rockets

CVN 21 (Aircraft Carrier) warships
General Atomics

P-8A Poseidon MMA (Multi-mission Maritime Aircraft) warplanes
Boeing, General Atomics

Patriot/MEADS CAP (missile system)

MRAP (Mine Resistant Ambush Protected) land vehicles

Black Hawk Upgrade (UH-60) helicopters

FMTV (Family of Medium Tactical Vehicles)  land vehicles

JTRS GMS (Joint Tactical Radio System Ground Mobile Radios)
Boeing, General Dynamics Canada

CH-53K HLR (Heavy Lift Replacement) "Super Stallion" helicopters

WIN-T (Warfighter Information Network-Tactical) electronic network
Boeing, General Dynamics Canada

AIM-120 AMRAAM (Advanced Medium-Range Air-to-Air Missile)

LPD 17 (amphibious transport dock ships) warships

CH-47F ("Chinook") helicopters

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