Meggitt Defence Systems

Major Defense Acquisition Programs
he Pentagon’s 2009 Budget Request Summary Justification provides a wishlist for $184 billion worth of "Major Weapons Systems." The "highest profile" of these programs, i.e., the most expensive ones are "designated as Major Defense Acquisition Programs (MDAP)."  Meggitt  is one of nine "Secure Canada 2008" exhibitors that are involved in one or more these top MDAPs. For details, see "The Role of 'Secure Canada 2008' Exhibitors in America's MDAPs."

From the War Horse's Mouth
"Meggitt Defense Systems (Fullerton) specialises in the design, manufacture, integration and operation of air and ground based, real time scoring systems for fixed and rotary wing aircraft and armoured vehicles and is a recognised pioneer in digital signal processing applications in weapons training scoring from small arms to missiles.
"Meggitt Defence Systems is a world leader in the design, development and manufacture of free flight aerial marine and ground-based targetry, including towed targets and countermeasures, unmanned air vehicles, high speed reeling machines and electronic scoring systems, ammunition handling equipment and environmental control systems. Meggitt Defense Systems' products are used to train and evaluate armed forces worldwide." (Source)

Here is a list of several dozen web pages from Meggitt's website referring to its WEAPONS-related contracts, mostly related to equipment used in training.

Meggitt Defence Systems Canada (MDSC)

Meggitt Defence Systems Canada, formerly known as Schreiner Target Services Canada (see below), has received several multi-year contracts to supply Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) for use as targets to test and evaluate the AEGIS weapons system. AEGIS forms the basis of sea-based, “missile defense” programs of the U.S. Navy and the U.S. Missile Defense Agency. Meggitt makes six different types of UAVs. At least one of these, the Vindicator Target System, is still in use for testing the AEGIS “missile defense” combat system.   

(Read more about the role of Meggitt Defence Systems Canada in supplying targets for testing Ballistic Missile Defence weapons systems.)

MDSC (Formerly known as Schreiner Target Services Canada)
In October 2004, an international group of military companies based in England, called Meggitt PLC, reached an agreement to purchase Schreiner Target Services Canada for £2.9 million. Schreiner Canada was thus added to Meggitt’s Defence Systems division. Schreiner Canada, the “Canadian Centre of Excellence for Towed Targets and UAVs,”1 was a subsidiary of the Netherlands-based Schreiner Luchtvaart Groep BV. It was owned by Canada’s CHC Helicopter Corp., in Vancouver.2 Schreiner’s major export clients included the U.S., Saudi Arabia, Norway, Japan and Singapore3 and it had several multiyear contracts with Canada’s military.4 Schreiner Canada’s new owner, Meggitt PLC, operates in North America, Europe and Asia, and touts itself as “the world leader in aerial free flying and towed targets, electronic scoring and electro-mechanical launch and recovery systems.”5 The products of Meggitt Defence Systems “are used to support, train and evaluate armed forces and law enforcement agencies worldwide.”6   

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