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But then, two days later, the light seemed to shine through a bit. I heard Pettigrew on CBC radio’s “The House” and, when faced with a few pointed questions, he explained that, well, yes, in fact, Canada is totally open for business on “missile defense.” Pettigrew was even shocked at the idea that his government would even consider putting any restrictions on such exports.

And he did seem uncomfortable with having to contradict the official line. He was terribly awkward, repeating four times in a few minutes that Canada was "not being judgmental" about this US weapons program.

This is the CBC website story about that interview. I’ve highlighted the first sentence and expanded the first phrase. The article leads off with that by now, all-too-familiar refrain:

“Ottawa won’t be taking part in the U.S. [BMD] system…”

So, even when the story was “Canada says yes to ‘missile defence,’” it was still framed in the context of the big lie.