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Here’s Pettigrew pointing at the crucial line:

"I would be very pleased if Canadian business can contribute…. that’s very good.”

If you google that quotation, you get the one CBC webpage, the COAT website and about five small anti-war websites. That’s it, out of all the 5 billion sites!

So, to recap, there was a media circus of huge headlines blazing across the sky shouting the lie: “Mark Twain is dead!”
Then, two days later, a little correction notice appears, in tiny tiny print, hidden at the bottom of page 5 billion, saying “Twain’s corpse rolling in its grave.”

Pettigrew’s “yes” served to reassure the government’s corporate partners, and generous Liberal donors within Canada’s war industries, that it was still business as usual. Don’t worry, Pettigrew was saying, we’re not closing the big open door within the “integrated North American Defence Industrial Base.”

Now I will summarise a few ways that our government supports BMD and follow that with some examples of corporate complicity.