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Here’s Oscar Wilde’s take on the pure and simple truth: It’s “rarely pure and never simple.”

Now since Wilde wrote plays, please indulge me as I recap our story and introduce some plot twists into this soap-opera-like drama that is passing for reality.

So far we’ve had the mysterious death of the diabolical Dr. BMD who died before he could even enter the country.

Now rumour has it that our fearless hero, Mr. Liberal, had only to utter one word--“NO!”--in order to stop short the evil doctor’s life.
However, it now turns out, this murder was faked! Not only is our nefarious villain still alive, he’s been living here--on the lam--for years, and working under the table all along.
But the plot thickens… Our great hero didn’t kill Dr. BMD, it emerges that they’re actually business colleagues of sorts, staging shell games and card tricks, working as hucksters, flimflammers and scam artists, and living high off the pork barrel, by hustling and fleecing the politically naive.

In other words, they’ve played a very slick joke on us. They should have said:

“Look, we’ve got good news and bad news:
Good news is we’re not joining ‘missile defence.’
Bad news is, we already joined ages ago.”

Unfortunately, all we got was the good news. They forgot to tell us the punch line.

I guess that means I’m here to fill you in on the bad news.