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So here it is…

In a nutshell, what I’ll show you today is that for many years, various Canadian government departments, agencies and crown corporations, including Canadian scientists whose salaries come from the public purse, as well as the Canadian military and, of course, most importantly, Canada’s war industries, have been actively participating in so called "missile defense."

In fact, these Canadian institutions, funded largely with Canadian tax dollars, have long been--and still are--deeply complicit in:

the creation, design, research, development, testing, maintenance and operation of numerous crucial systems under the protective shield of NATO and US-led "missile defense" weapons programs.

I’ve been working fulltime in the peace movement since 1984 and during those years the corporate government and its media parrots have pulled the wool over people’s eye’s countless times. But this was one of their best confidence tricks ever, and I have to admire the finely-tuned brilliance of their work. They have played us all exceedingly well.