Special Call-out to leaders and members of Ottawa's Faith Communities
to join us in opposing CANSEC, Canada's Top Weapons Exhibition on: 
(go to: http://coat.ncf.ca for updated information)
June 2, 2010 from 4 PM - 5 PM.
Location: Lansdowne Park (Bank street entrance)
And please consider staying for the "Rally for Peace" starting at 5 PM where there will be politicians, individuals and singers speaking out against CANSEC.
As you know the CANSEC weapons trade exhibition takes place June 2 and 3, 2010.
We are urging people from a wide variety of faith communities to join us in sending a strong public message that this weapons exhibition is not welcome in Ottawa.
Although the CANSEC organizers make us believe that its focus is on defence and security, one only has to look at what is 'for sale' those 2 days to conclude this is true war material and used in Afghanistan, Iraq, Gaza etc.

It means  'defence and security'  through all-out War.

Richard Sanders, the Coordinator of the Coalition to Oppose the Arms Trade (COAT) explains it all too well. (Read more here).

The religions of the world have a common concern for human dignity, safety for all, justice , protection of life. They seek peace, believe in forgiveness and healing and trust in each other. This makes our world secure.

The organizers of the antiCANSEC events, brought together by COAT, call on you to gather together in prayer and reflection, with banners and signs, in opposition to this Weapons Show.

The Vigil will take place on  June 2-2010

Time: 4 PM
Place: Lansdowne Park (Bank street entrance)
We are also working on a declaration/statement from the Faith Communities (will keep you posted). If you would like to assist in that effort please contact paulturnerharris@aol.com
 lease remember: a strong message from the religious groups is very powerful.
Therefore, can we count on you and members of your community to be there?
We also need your help to spread this information far and wide!
In peace,
Ria Heynen

Weblinks to information about CANSEC and COAT's opposition to it