Rally for Peace at the CANSEC Weapons Bazaar
(Protest outside the gates of Canada's largest war-industry trade show)
June 2, 2010, from 5-7 pm (at the Bank St entrance to Lansdowne Park, Ottawa)

The Coalition to Oppose the Arms Trade (COAT) organised this large public event with great music, inspiring poetry and informative speakers. 
This successful Rally, which attracted more than 300 people, was set against a colourful backdrop of peace images, antiwar symbols, cartoons, photos and famous statements that we assembled to decorate the CANSEC fence.  (People joined us from Quebec City, Toronto,
Montreal and Kingston.)

Thanks to all the individuals and groups that made our Rally a great success! (Click to see a list of all participating groups.)

Read an article (with photos) by Koozma Tarasoff about COAT's June 2 Rally for Peace.

Our Emcees:
(Video*) Alex Cullen, City of Ottawa Councillor (Bay Ward); Candidate for Mayor of Ottawa 
(Video*) Susan McMaster, an Ottawa Quaker and the author of many books of poetry; Editor, Waging Peace: Poetry and Political Action.

(Video*) Janis Alton and Di McIntyre, Canadian Voice of Women for Peace
(Video*) Adam Balsam, Independent Jewish Voices
(Video*) John Rafferty, MP, Thunder Bay-Rainy River, New Democratic Party of Canada
(Video*) Rev. Canon Gary Hauch, Minister of Church of the Ascension, Ottawa, was in the Vietnam War with the US Army medical corps
(Video*) Diane Holmes, City of Ottawa Councillor (Somerset Ward)
(Video*) Rev. John Marsh, minister, First Unitarian Congregation of Ottawa
(Video*) Alphonso Ibarra Ramirez, political refugee from Colombia opposes US military bases and the Canada-Colombia Free Trade deal
(Video*) Richard Sanders, coordinator, Coalition to Oppose the Arms Trade (COAT)

Music and Poetry:
(Video*) John Akpata, poet, Radio Host ("Monday Night Scribes," CHUO)
Jeff Froggett and Stephen Richer, musicians (voice and banjo) active in protecting a community vision for Lansdowne Park
(Video*) Dr. Qais Ghanem, poet; Physicians for Global Survival; Radio Host, Dialogue with Diversity (CHIN 97.9 FM)
(Video*) Just Voices, an activist community choir that sings songs on protest themes such as social injustice, war and the environment.
(Video*) Raging Grannies, "feisty older women who sing long and loud" about peace, justice, equality and politics.
(Video*) Sandra Stephenson, Co-founder, Poets Against War; former Coordinator, Peace Studies program, John Abbott College, Montreal.
(Margaret Atwood, wasn't able to join us, but she sent us some peace poems that were read by Sandra.)

* Videos were recorded and edited by Qais Ghanem.

See Photos of COAT's "Rally for Peace," etc:
by Koozma Tarasoff (35 photos)
by Qais Ghanem (26 photos)
by Esprit de Corps (450 photos) (20 photos at Rally for Peace, the rest inside CANSEC)
by The Media Coop (10 photos) 
by The Ottawa Citizen (4 photos) 
by Richard Sanders (6 photos)

(If you have photos/video of the Rally, please contact COAT)

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