Everything you ever wanted to know about
and the grassroots campaign
to expose and oppose it!


CANSEC is Canada's largest and most important War-Industry Trade Show.


The campaign against it was organised by the Coalition to Oppose the Arms Trade (COAT).


Here is an annotated list of weblinks about CANSEC 2010 and COAT's campaign against it:


COAT's Campaign was a great SUCCESS!


"Rally for Peace," June 2, 5-7 pm, Ottawa
See photos and videos of all the speakers, poets and musicians at COAT's main event.


Thanks! Here's the list of groups that helped the COAT campaign


Media Coverage: Links to 30+ print, radio and TV stories about CANSEC and COAT's campaign


Summary Article: What is CANSEC, and why do we oppose it?


"CANSEC: War is Business" (50-page COAT publication. Get the nitty gritty)


See all the Fliers & Posters that we used to spread the word about COAT's "Rally for Peace"


Other antiCANSEC events: Various events and activities in Ottawa on June 2, 2010


We decorated CANSEC's Fence with hundreds of posters, signs and banners!


Here's a list of how people helped the opposition to CANSEC!


CANSEC 2010 Exhibitors: Links to info about 275 exhibitors and their websites.


Coalition to Oppose the Arms Trade website (for CANSEC updates and more)


Support COAT: Donate, subscribe, order "CANSEC: War is Business"