Roy Sanders

I was moved to make comment on some of the Roy photos but don't know if they got through (New Phone) He told us about setting the standard for light in Canada by using a locomotive headlight through a tunnel ... also how Richard was arrested at a demonstration and the policeman said "If it wasn't for old chaps like him you wouldn't be here Today" indicating Roy. Quite right said Richard! He's my Dad! I must admit it must be great to get so inspired as to sit at a demo!

He also mentioned the lumps of Uranium left on his desk for weeks!

I will never forget the time we spent with the pair in Gloucester Ottawa - nor the young man who was standing at the bus stop for the centre of the city and wouldn't tell us (in English) if that was the bus for the central station. He didn't like my (Schoolboy) French and spoke very good English!

I hear Roy was also responsible for setting the redness of the Canadian Flag. But that was not from Sandy (Roy).

I could not believe we went out to pick "Berries" at 6:00 pm but to Roy it was nothing

Also I wonder if he ever used the cherry tree we stored planked in the cellar!

Sandy and Sylvia were devoted to one another. I learned from them all the time.

David Hope