Celebration of the Life of

A Memorial Service
Sunday, January 14, 2018

Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Ottawa

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Opening words: Rev. Ellen Bell
Chalice lighting and Art placement:  
grandchildren and great grandchildren
Pyper & Chantal Atkins, Peyton Atkins, Bryden Pyper-Atkins

Arthur and Erica Sanders

Memories: Heather Wiffen    daughter

Music:  This Old House   

Memories:  Alan Robertson    work colleague

Memories:  John Hefler    cottage friend

Memories:     Gary Schofield    sports friend

Music:             "If I had a Hammer"

Memories:  Susan Fisher   daughter-in-law

Memories:    Nick Aplin    activist friend

Meditation:   "Imagine"

Memories:   Rev. Fred Cappuccino

Music:     "Alouetteski"  led by Gary Schofield

Memories:    Richard Sanders    son

Words for all gathered here:    Rev. Ellen Bell

Benediction:  From Infinity in Your Hand   William Houff

Additional memories:

Koozma Tarasoff

Graham Wiffen with message from Ben Wiffen

Nicholas Pyper

Postlude:  What a Wonderful World