Putting the Aid in Aiding and Abetting:
CIDA’s Agents of Regime Change in Haiti’s 2004 Coup
Press for Conversion!   Issue #62   (May 2008)
Published by Coalition to Oppose the Arms Trade

Front Cover

Agents of Regime Change (PDF format)  (HTM format)

Alternatives (PDF format)
Why is this "NGO" Acting as a Tool of Imperialism?
Malign Neglect or Imperialism?

Canadian Foundation for the Americas  (PDF format)  (HTM format)
FOCAL’s Role in the Privatization of Haitian society
Lionel Delatour: FOCAL’s Point Man on Haiti
Joe Clark: Doing the State’s "Controversial" Work
Rosny Desroches: Haiti’s Elite and Private Schools

Centre for International Studies and Cooperation  (PDF format)
Combating Poverty & the Enemy of Civil Society
The Revenge of the Haitian Elite

Couchiching Institute on Public Affairs  (PDF format)
Patronizing Benevolence in "poor little" Haiti

Development and Peace  (PDF format)  (HTM format)
Fuelling the War of Words Against Aristide

Freedom Network
Embedding CBC Reporters in Haiti’s Elitist Media  (PDF format)  (HTM format)
    The Freedom Network’s International Partners

Covering (Up) the Coup: Journalism at its Worst  (PDF format
    Media Owner Anne-Marie Issa: Embedded in Haiti’s Coup
    Case Study in ANMH Lies: The St. Marc "Massacre"

International Legal Resources Centre  (PDF format)  (HTM format)
Blacklisting the Aristide Government as Criminal

Québec Association of International Cooperation Organizations  (PDF format)  (HTM format)
Coming to the Aid of Haiti’s Regime Change

Rights and Democracy  (PDF format)  (HTM format)
A Government-Owned "Human Rights" Group
National Endowment for Democracy
R&D: Canada’s NED

Roundtable on Haiti  (PDF format)
A Fiercely Partisan Network
CPH members
Pro-Coup Haitians on Tour in Canada
Yolene Gilles and NCHR-Haiti

Links to the Group of 184  (PDF format)  (HTM format)
Giving a Helping Hand to Haiti’s Elite

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