The Canada Pension Plan
is now Investing
$495 Million in
complicit in building
F-35 Warplanes

by Richard Sanders, for the
Coalition to Oppose the Arms Trade,
(updated May 26, 2017)
City Country CPP
(in $Cdn millions)
Contracts for F-35 (2) Other locations (2)
Alcoa Cleveland, OH US 11 Aluminum Structural Die Forgings Simi Valley, CA; Possible Alternative Locations; Lafayette, IN; Aluminum Lithium); Birmingham, UK
BAE Systems Samlesbury, Lancashire UK 33 BAE Systems provides the Flight Control Software (FCS1), the electronic warfare systems, crew life support and escape systems, aft fuselage, empennages as well as the horizontal and vertical tails; Aft Fuselage and Tails Brough, Yorkshire, UK; Structural and Dynamic Test Facility); Adelaide, Australia; Vertical Tails, Rate Tooling, Input of Expertise into JSF Studies, Radar, TPS and Electronic Warfare Components); Edinburgh Parks, South Australia (Titanium Machining)
Boeing (a)   Australia  118 Hawker de Havilland, Australia:
Composite Parts and Subassemblies for the Center Fuselage)
Honeywell International (b) Honeywell Aerospace
(Yeovil, Somerset, UK)

Avionics Specialties
(Charlottesville, VA)

66 Honeywell Aerospace:
OBOGS Technology, Yeovil, Somerset, UK

Avionics Specialties:
Low Observable Air Data System, Low Observable Multi-Function Probes, Flush-Mounted Static Pressure Ports (Avionics Specialties is partnered with Honeywell)
Avionics Specialties (Earlysville, VA, US)
ITT Corp.
(ITT Exelis)
Salt Lake City, UT US 11 Composite Blade Seal Components  
L-3 Technologies Rolling Meadows, IL US 29 Crash Recorder/Crash Survivable Memory Unit, Panoramic Cockpit Display  

  US 57 Lockheed Martin is the prime contractor for the F-35.  LM performs aircraft final assembly, overall system integration, mission system, and provides forward fuselage, wings and aircraft flight control system  
Mahindra and Mahindra (c) Port Melbourne Australia 19 Airframe and System Component Machining)  
Northrop Grumman Palmdale, CA USA 10 Provides active electronically scanned array (AESA) radar, electro-optical AN/AAQ-37 Distributed Aperture System (DAS), Communications, Navigation, Identification (CNI), center fuselage, weapons bay, and arrestor gear; Center Fuselage, Electro-Optical Dis Falls Church, Virginia (Headquarters)
Parker Hannifin Irvine, CA  US 45 Control Systems Division, Air & Fuel Division Tolleson, AZ (Air & Fuel Division); Ayer, MA (Nichols Airborne Division); Elyria, OH (Nichols Airborne Division); Forest, OH (United Aircraft Products Division); Smithtown, NY (Electronic Systems Division); Fort Worth, TX (Stratoflex Division), Fueldraulic
Raytheon Co El Segundo, CA US 36 Space and Airborne Systems Headquarters, Integrated Core Processor, Digital Anti-Jam Receiver  
Thales SA (d) Sydney Australia 24 Engineering Support and ITC Design)  
Corp (e)
Pratt & Whitney
Dayton, OH

Hamilton Sundstrand
Windsor Locks, CT

33 Pratt & Whitney
AFRL Compressor Research Facility)

Hamilton Sundstrand
Electrical Power Generation and Conversion System, Engine Controls, Gearbox and Externals for the Pratt & Whitney F135 Engine, Electronic Controls for Flight Actuation Systems)
Pratt & Whitney, Hartford, CT (F135 Engine)

Possible Alternative Manufacturing Locations; Middletown, PA; Middletown, NY; Clayville, NY; West Palm Beach, FL; Halifax, Nova Scotia; Possible Engine Assembly & Test Locations; Bridgeport, WV; Longueuil, Canada; Mississauga
Volvo Ab (f) Kongsberg Sweden 4 Intermediate Case, F135 Engine Shaft  
Total CPP Investments in these F35 contractors $495 (in millions of Canadian dollars)

a    CPP investment is in parent company Boeing (US).  Boeing subsidiary with F35 contracts is Hawker de Havilland in Austalia.
b    CPP investment is in parent company Honeywell Intl (US).  F35 contracts are with Honeywell Intl subsidiary Honeywell Aerospace and with Avionics Specialties, which is partnered with Honeywell Intl.
c    CPP investment is in parent company Mahindra and Mahindra (India).  Mahindra and Mahindra subsidiary with F35 contracts is Aerostaff Australia.
d    CPP investment is in parent company Thales SA (France).  Thales SA subsidiary with F35 contracts is Thales .
e    CPP investment is in parent company United Technologies (US).  United Technologies subsidiaries with F35 contracts are Pratt & Whitney and Hamilton Sundstrand.
f    CPP investment is in parent company Volvo Ab (Sweden).  Volvo Ab subsidiary with F35 contracts is Volvo Aero Norge.

CPP Investments 2016 (in $Cdn) (Canada Pension Plan Investment Board)
Foreign public equity holdings as at March 31, 2016

2    Most of this data comes from Bill Hartung, Promising the Sky: Pork Barrel Politics and the F-35 Combat Aircraft, 2014.

Other COAT Tables about the CPP

Here are some
Coalition to Oppose the Arms Trade (COAT) tables detailing CPP investments in  2017:

* $1.4 Billion in 41 of the World's Top-100 War Industries

* $451 Million in 14 Nuclear-Weapons Producers

* Top Mining ($980 Million), Oil ($1.4 Billion), & Tobacco ($1.7 Billion) Companies

* $8.38 Billion in the "World's 20 Worst Companies"


COAT tables on CPP's 2016 investments:

* $11 Billion in banks making US$313 billion available to 26 nuclear-bomb makers

$5.5 Billion in firms supporting Israeli Apartheid

$6.8 Billion in banks making US$18.7 Billion available to 7 cluster-bomb makers.