But it's not about Bombs and Bullets

By Iakoha'ko:wa

Eagle Watch, Haudenosaunee Territory, August 4, 2008

War is always waged with a significant amount of mental or psychological warfare.  From the war paint of the warrior to the propaganda of war news, it is all designed to PSYCHE out the opponent.  It's a war on your mind to scare you into a hopeless despair.  The other side is usually dehumanized as the "enemy".

Today, in the information and telecommunications age, news reports that hit cyberspace on one side of the world, travel instantly around the globe.  It is a battle as contending versions vie for your support.  Electronic warfare is waged to suppress dissent, to spread disinformation and to spy on one's adversaries.  Some predatory types are laughing all the way to the bank as they profit on fear and death.

Today, we experience many psychological assaults including TV ads recruiting youth into the military; video war games; air shows that mesmerize children and glamourize bomber planes used to kill people and military trade shows promoting the war industry.

Though not specifically about bombs and bullets, the "Secure Canada 2008" warmakers trade show planned for Ottawa's Lansdowne Park, Sept30Oct1, is about cutting edge "remote warfare" technologies used by the military and police.  Exhibitors will show off their devices and methods for domestic control such as uav's, robots and satellite surveillance.  They want to wage low level warfare in Fortress America on the people, especially Indigenous who resist their global plans to set up a world government with them at the top.  This trade show is the height of absurdity, laughable if its intent were not so sinister.

Indigenous people are targeted because we are defenders of the land and the Earth's riches.  Ongwehonwe people stand in the way of big military industry plans for the St. Lawrence/Great Lakes area.  The recent "border" attack on two Mohawk activists/journalists in Akwesasne community should neither be forgotten nor dismissed as an isolated incident.

The Sec Can show in Ottawa intends to feature "command, control, communications and computerbased intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (C4ISR)", ie spying and disinformation equipment and technologies, robots and unmanned vehicle systems  it's all about remote warfare.  They plan to coordinate their domestic repression for all of North America by 2010.   

Will these military guys be dismayed about protesters at the show or will they view unarmed crowds as practise targets for their new toys???

More than 20 of the 58 exhibitors listed so far, are CADSI (Canadian Association of Defence and Security Industries) members or as we know them, merchants of death. They are Boeing Aerospace, Cdn Centre for Unmanned Vehicle Systems, Canadian Defence Review, Commissionaires, Dessau, ESRI Canada, Frontline Robotics, Green Hills Software, Harris Canada, Inc., Meggitt, M/ACOM Tyco Electroncis, Technopole Defense and Security, Valcom /Consulting Group iNc., and Vanguard Magazine.  Sun Microsystems is a Sponsor.  Three corporations having members on the CADSI board of directors, L3 Mas, CAE and General Dynamics Canada are exhibitors at Can Sec.

L3 Communications Holdings Inc is also on the "list of 38 companies that the Canadian Seacurities and Exchange Commission fingered as involved in 'put options' profiteering on 911".  It's all about the new gentry making up ways to make piles of money by attacking people here, there and everywhere.

Exactly who are the people at these companies, many with offices in Ottawa?  They make big money, drive around in big cars and fly off in private jets.  They live in big houses by the lake or the river and they never do without a thing.  They are certain they are better than the rest of us.

We wonder if they could face us one on one without their big lethal toys.   We know they are peeping toms, spying on us right now and that they worry what we are going to say next.  They send their goons to try to kill us, our women and even our youth.  We have a better plan following natural law, whereby we can all live at peace.  There is enough for all if we don't take more than our share.  Why do they feel so threatened by us?   We live by the Great Law of Peace.  

Closer scrutiny will reveal them for what they really are...

Lesser Known Wannabee BigShots:

Frontlines Robotics, a CADSI member, based in Ottawa, also has offices in Israel where they work with InRob Tech, an Israeli firm in military robots and remotely controlled vehicles.  They want to be able to kill people without themselves getting hurt.  Frontline specializes in "perimeter security" where their armies of robots guard anything from nuclear reactors to military bases.  Jeremy "Jiminy Jim" James is Frontlines president and ceo.

CADSI member, GreenHills Software, a US outfit, has offices in Ottawa.  You probably never heard of them but they boast their software is everywhere.  They work with BAE, IBM, Lockheed Martin (F35 Joint strike fighter), Toshiba, Raytheon, Toyota (Prius), Ford (Lincoln Aviator), Northrop Grunman (Airbus 380), Nera Wireless Networking and many other companies.  They'll be at the RealTime & Embedded Computing Conferences in Ottawa and Montreal at the end of August.  These guys are very busy.

Technopôle Defence & Security, another CADSI member, based in Quebec City is a professsional business network.  They bring together "technology integrators, technology producers and suppliers, private and public R&D centres, universities and other educational institutions and government departments and agencies" so they can all cash in on terror and fearmongering. Technopole specializes in trade shows and research and development.  Whenever you see that r&d, you know it's about $money$ and making up more ways to make money killing people.

Technopole's members include SNC TEC, DRDC, General Dynamics Canada, Universite Laval, CGI, Thales Systems, and lesser known companies like Telops, Analytical Systems, Opto Security, Black Coral, Creaform, RoboMotio, Gentec and  Cargolution.  The Canadian Government (Canada Economic Development)is their main partner.  Technopole intends to promote all these companies' wares at the sec can show.

Black Coral, another Ottawa based business,  "specializes in mapenabled technologies" that allow police and military agencies to coordinate their control and attacks on populations during "emergencies" and "terrorist events".  Supposedly, the more information you have on a situation, the more you can gain control and take charge. 

Black Coral's advisory board consists of three men with long police or military careers.  Phil "He aint my Brother" Murray, former Commissioner of the RCMP was Member of the Research Advisory Committee, Ipperwash Commission of Inquiry into Aboriginal Relations with the Police, and a Member of the Advisory Panel, Cornwall Commission of Inquiry into Historical Sexual Abuse.  Phil evidently has a creepy interest in Indigenous people. 

Jim "Freaky James" Fraser, retired from the US military where he trained police in SWAT tactics, is a member of the Fort Benning Officer Candidate Hall of Fame.  Fort Benning is famous for the School of the Americas (SOA) where officers from repressive regimes learned more brutal ways to repress their own people and apply more effective torture methods, etc.  Jim specializes in teaching courses on how to create terrorist events. 

Bob "Sleeps Hanging Upside Down" Fischer was in the Canadian military before going to General Dynamics Canada as Vice President Business Development and Government Relations. Bob is a past President of the Canadian Association of Defence and Security Industries (CADSI); he is the current Chairman of the Canadian NATO Industry Advisory Group and a member of DND's Defence Industry Advisory Committee.  These guys really want to see the military industry expand even more.  Look for them hanging around the Techno Pole.

The St. Lawrence County Industrial Development Agency is an exhibitor at Sec Can.  They see themselves "acting as a liaison between your firm, local municipalities, financing sources and governmental agencies".  

Why would such a business be at a military trade show, we wondered.  Do they need some robots or some protective gear for chemical and nuclear disasters?  Or are they just offering a place to make such tools of repression.  St. Lawrence county in New York state beside the St. Lawrence River, includes the Akwesasne community where Mohawks continue to defend against colonial plunder and pillage.  The "Seaway Schemers of the 21st century" want to boost the severely disabled economy of the region with a lot of military buildup.  It's a scheme that will never happen.

The Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International (AUVSI) Canada chapter will be promoting Unmanned Vehicle Systems in their own show within a show, sponsored by General Atomics Aeronautical Systems.  They may have everyone rushing outside to look up in the sky.  It's a bird, it's a plane, no, it's a UAV.  Maybe Imstrat's president, Tom Last will be running the UAV's by remote control from their lab in Carleton Place, 45 minutes outside Ottawa.

Well Known BigShots

CAE, based in Montreal, Quebec, has a current annual revenue over $1.2B.  They are very big in r&d (research & development), which means corporate welfare.   They specialize in civil and military simulations for full flight training, such as for the C130 hercules and many fighter planes plus helicopters as well as commercial jets.  They say there's a global shortage of pilots and business is looking good for CAE.

CAE will hold a special shareholders meeting august 13 at the Hotel Bonaventure in Montreal.  They have 2 boards of directors, one the usual business type based in Canada and the other special US board which consists of mostly retired US military. 

Marc "Wants to Kill Other People's Children" Parent, previously of Bombardier, is on both CAE boards as well as being Group President, Simulation Products and Military Training & Services at CAE.   He is on the board at CADSI and the Aerospace Industries Association of Canada (AIAC).  You can be sure Marc will be giving interviews and flouncing around at the show if it happens.  If it doesn't, he'll be throwing himself on the floor in a temper tantrum.  What will he say to his masters in Washington and London?

Another CAE director is James "Full of Hot Air" Hankinson, President and Chief Executive Officer of Ontario Power Generation Inc.  These guys really know how to work together.  Shame on you Marc and Jimmy, for exploiting the people in your relentless quest for wealth and power.

While we're told to conserve energy and people are close to rioting at the gas pumps, CAE announced at a July o8 airshow in UK, that it had $128 million in new contracts including one flight simulator for Bombardier's Montreal training center.  That's so more rich people can fly off for their vacations and their propaganda speaking engagements around the world.

Lurking In The Shadows  Confident In Their Power

Oxford educated David "Living High on the Hog" Luxton esteems himself king of the new gentry.  There's a revealing photo of him at flickr.com.  A major driving force in Ottawa's war industry, Luxton has the cv to prove it.  He was in the Canadian military.  He  has been a Canadian bureaucrat, advisor to policy makers in the Privy Council where Canada's laws are drafted, Director and Registrar of Copyright and Industrial Design for Canada, among other things. 

Luxton is an aggressive businessman, founding president and ceo at Allen Vanguard, an Ottawa based electronics manufacturer of terrorism gadgetry.   They used to test their bomb suits, robots and other CBRNE stuff at MREL's facility near Sharbot Lake until MREL was shut down by protesters last summer.  Allen Vanguard manufacture at Pembroke, Ontario and other locations.

Ken Deane, the OPP sniper who shot and killed Dudley George, was hired by Allen Vanguard as a security guard after being kicked out of the OPP.  Deane died in a car "accident" on the 401 before he was able to testify at the Ipperwash Inquiry.

Luxton is also founding president of Def Sec, an Ottawa investment company for the military industry. Luxton and Ken Murray founded Simunition which specializes in police and military "reality training" with "projectiles" like paint ball.  They teach cops how to overcome their fears and shoot to kill.  Luxton is on the board of Directors at CADSI.  Though his companies may not be exhibiting at seccan, he's sure to be hanging around monitoring his interests.

Luxton is part of the elite cartel who want to kill off Indigenous people and people of colour, plunder all the Earth's riches and set up a global government.  Luxton no doubt considers himself superior to the rest of us.  Like his buddies, he's locked into a terrorkillhigh adrenalin mindset; he must have some deep seated fears and delusions.  His human connection to the rest of us has clearly rotted away, if it ever existed.  If his mother didn't love him when he was a child is no excuse for his ruthless, selfserving and destructive behaviour today.  Shame on you, David Luxton!

One more shadowy character to look for at the seccan show is Marcel "Frenchman from France" Picciotto, president and ceo of Thales Systems Canada based in Montreal, Quebec with offices in Ottawa.  Thales, a French company had sales of $12billion in 2007.  They specialize in all things C4ISR (command, control, communications and computerbased intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance) for armies, navies and airforces.  Thales have just renewed their deal with NATO to coordinate and expand communications and logistics in Afghanistan.  That doesn't look like an end to war there!

Picciotto has been with Thales since 1990 and has been on the Board at CADSI now for at least 3 years.  Last year at another military trade show in Ottawa, Marcel was hanging around with Maxine Bernier, Canada's recently disgraced Minister of Foreign Affairs.  Maybe Maxine was making arrangements for Marcel to meet one of his girlfriend's girlfriends with ties to the Hells Angels.  Who knows, maybe Maxine and Marcel like the Dominatrix leatherclad type of gal.  They should have no trouble finding women who'd like to give these guys a good whipping.

Thales also makes flight control systems for Bombardier and other plane builders as well as control systems for railways.  Just in time for the Olympics, Beijing Mass Transit Railway Operation Corporation Ltd has launched its contactless fare collection system developed by Thales.  JeanMarc Gardin, Vice President and Managing Director of Thales Transportation Systems remarks,  "China, where Thales already has an extensive presence, represents a huge opportunity for us..."  Seems, the sky's not even the limit for Thales!            

These companies are an incestuous lot, often working together on projects.  People in the military industry fancy themselves an elite bunch. Why shouldn't they when they make so much more money than most other people?  As well, they are sworn to secrecy about their work and are not allowed to express any dissenting opinions in public.  That's the price they pay with their souls so they can have lots of toys, toys and more toys. 

We are steeped in a war culture where people think it is more important to be NICE than to be honest.  They have abandoned critical analytical thinking and instead pacify themselves with predigested spoonfuls of palatable information.  It makes them feel well informed.  They support war with their silence.

As history repeats itself, we might look into the past at the 1930's, the Depression and the buildup to WWII for lessons but there isn't time for that now!  We need to look ahead and act accordingly.

The solution is more obvious than many realize.  It is about the power of the human mind, the untapped abilities and creativity that can give us much needed answers to overwhelming dilemmas.  No one person has ALL the answers but we can all contribute a piece to the puzzle and make change in a lifeaffirming way.  Our sense of isolation and alienation in Western society make us feel weak yet there is still so much strength in our Indigenous ties to the Earth.  Just follow the feeling and you will find out.  There is still Hope as long as the Sun continues to shine, the Rivers continue to flow and the Grass continues to grow.

Stay tuned for further updates and profiles.  Please post and forward widely.

Eagle Watch, Haudenosaunee Territory

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