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This is the online version of
"Profiting from Israeli Apartheid:
Canada Pension Plan (CPP) Investments in Corporations Supporting Israelís Military-, Police-, Surveillance-, Prison-Industrial Complex"
Spring 2012 (Part 1)
Fall 2012 (Part 2)

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Sign, Circulate and Promote COAT's PETITION

*  Sign the petition online
*  Encourage others to sign online.  (Here is an email announcement that you can use or tailor to your needs):
*  Email your friends and colleagues.
*  Post the petition link to progressive listserves
*  Post a link to your web site or Blog.
*  Use social media, like Facebook and Twitter, to spread the word.
*  Paper copies of the petition. (Click here for a printable version that you can circulate.)
*  Put up a poster. (Click here to view and print a poster.)

Ask Organisations to Endorse the Campaign

*  Get Endorsements: Please raise this issue at meetings and ask progressive organisations to give their endorsement to this campaign. (The names of endorsing organisations will be published online at the COAT website, in media releases and other campaign materials and in the next issue of our publication, Press for Conversion!

Press for Conversion!

*  Order a copy, or copies, of "Profiting from Israeli Apartheid" (Part 1).  Distribute this edition of COAT's publication (Press for Conversion!) at events or to friends, family, co-workers, journalists, teachers, politicians, activists, students, religious leaders, etc.
*  Subscribe, or renew, your subscription to Press for Conversion!  (Canadian subscribers get 3 issues for $25, and 6 issues for $45.)

*  Use COAT material: Feel free to quote from, or reprint articles from Press for Conversion!  Use COAT material in list serves, websites, blogs, pamphlets, letters to the editor, essays, teaching materials, newsletters, magazines, presentations, etc.  Please be sure to acknowledge Press for Conversion! as the source, mention Coalition to Oppose the Arms Trade (COAT) and provide COAT's web address <>  Thanks!
*  Research: Could you help with by doing some research on this subject? There are many avenues for future work.  If you can assist, please email Richard Sanders at <>
*  Order the next issue: The next issue of Press for Conversion! (Part two of "Profiting from Israeli Apartheid") will continue this research by publishing data on 31 additional companies (from Intel Corp. to VMWare Inc.). See this table for details.

Contact MPs and Senators

*  Tell the what you think: Tell your MP, other parliamentarians, and James Flaherty, Canada's Minister of Finance, that you don't want your retirement savings to help finance companies which supply military, police, surveillance or prison-related products and services used by Israel.
*  Use your postal code to find your MP's contact information
*  List of all MPs
*  Minister of Finance (James Flaherty)

Contact the CPP Investment Board

*  Tell the CPP to divest: Urge the CPP Investment Board (CPPIB) to sell its shares in corporations that sell products or services that support Israel's military, police, surveillance or prison systems.  Here are the contact details on how to email, phone, fax or write to the CPPIB.
(Send us a copy of your letter, and their response.
Our mailing address is: COAT, 541 McLeod St., Ottawa, ON  K1R 5R2 Canada.)

Boycott and Divest

*  Use consumer power: Use your power as a consumer to boycott and divest from firms linked to Israelís military/"security" industrial complex. 
*  Other investment schemes: Besides the CPP, many other pension plans, mutual funds, and investment schemes hold shares in companies that support Israel's occupation.  Urge them to divest too.  (See this table compiling data on the CPP and five other large Canadian pension funds that have investments totalling $4.5 billion in companies supplying Israel with military-, police-, surveillance-, prison-related products and/or services.)

Stir things up on Facebook

*  Stir things up with friends on Facebook:  Join this Facebook group and invite your friends to do likewise...
"Stop Canada Pension Plan Investments in Israeli Apartheid"

Organise a Local Event

*  Think Globally, Act Locally!  Organise a local meeting, panel discussion, or protest to make this an issue in your community.  COAT has many hundreds of contacts across Canada and may be able to help suggest speakers in your area.  We can also provide resource materials for distribution at the event.  COAT's coordinator, who researched and wrote the report ("Profiting from Israeli Apartheid") may be available in person, or by Skype, to make a presentation to your group.

Feeling Creative?

*  Create something!  Paint a poster, write a song, wax poetic, craft a slideshow or video.  Use your imagination to produce something creative.  Send your material to COAT so we can link to it.

Contact the Companies

*   Write a letter:  Here is the CONTACT INFORMATION for all the companies listed in "Profiting from Israeli Apartheid" (Part 1).  Write a polite letter to inform the company what you think about their  complicity in supplying products or services supporting Israel's military, police, surveillance and/or prison systems.  Use facts from COAT's magazine.  Letters from organisations, or institutional investors, would carry more weight.  If you are an investor, or if you purchase products from the company involved, you could inform them that they are losing your business. Let them know what you are doing to encourage others to boycott and divest. Ask about their ethics policies and how they relate to Israel's violations of international law. 
(Send us a copy of your letter, and their response. 
Our mailing address is: COAT, 541 McLeod St., Ottawa, ON  K1R 5R2 Canada.)

Other Ideas?

*  Make a suggestion.  Please suggest other ideas that could be added to this list of actions.

Make a financial contribution

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