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Slide Show of the Coalition to Oppose the Arms Trade (COAT):

"No Means Yes:
Canadian Complicity in the 'Missile Defence' Weapons Development Program."
By Richard Sanders, coordinator, Coalition to Oppose the Arms Trade (COAT) and editor of COAT's magazine, Press for Conversion!

This COAT reseource uses 55 graphics-filled slides to present an entertaining and informative overview of Canada's many important roles in the US-led Ballistic Missile Defence (BMD) weapons-development program.

Although this is a serious power-point presentation--containing many quotations and much data--it is balanced with healthy doses of humour and satire. The little-known facts about Canadian involvement in BMD are thus exposed in a user-friendly and humourous manner.  For instance, in among all the graphic images, I've slipped in some witty quotations from Mark Twain, Oscar Wilde and even Walt Kelly's cartoon possum, Pogo!  Also included are the words of such profound, intellectual thinkers as George W. Bush, Paul Martin and Stephen Harper.

Few Canadians have the foggiest idea that our government, military and corporations are very deeply embedded in the US-led BMD weapons program. Even fewer are acquainted with any of the details regarding Canada's complicity in the creation, design, research, development, testing, maintenance, operation and deployment of important BMD weapons systems.

In fact, most Canadians are still suffering from the widespread, debilitating belief that the Canadian government actually rejected any participation in BMD! Those Canadians who do have some inkling that this country is involved in BMD, would probably point to NORAD as the venue for our contribution to this US weapons program.  Although we are rapidly approaching the second anniversary of the Canadian government-initiated, NORAD-treaty amendment (August 5, 2004) which pulled us more deeply into BMD, Canada's complicity through NORAD is actually the least offensive aspect of our involvement in this US-led weapons program.

The whole fabricated myth of Canada's "NO" to missile defense (which is still being spread by the government, corporate media and even some peace activists and the NDP!) has all-but completely destroyed the movement against BMD in Canada. Protests against BMD in Canada have been all but extinguished since February 2005. That's when the Liberal government staged their successful PR victory and pulled the wool over Canada's eyes by simply proclaimed a phoney and meaningless "no" to participation in this massive, weapons initiative.

Canada couldn't "join BMD" in February 2006 anyway, because--for more than a decade--we had already been a major player in the exclusive BMD club. We still are!

The "No Means Yes" slide show was presented by COAT coordinator, Richard Sanders, at the World Peace Forum (WPF) in Vancouver on June 26, 2006. A shortened version of it was done in Victoria on June 22.

Make Canada Say a REAL NO to "Missile Defence" Weapons!
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The next time someone tries to tell you that Canada did not join BMD, please set them straight. First, ask what possible evidence they might have to show that Canada did not join the BMD program. Then, direct them to the COAT website for all the data they'll ever need to realize that Canada has indeed been deeply complicit in this program for more than a decade and is still very much involved.

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After more than a year spent virtually chained to my computer, writing dozens of articles exposing the hidden details of Canada's complicity in the thoroughly-offensive, "missile defense" weapons program, I'm keen to get out there and present my research. (I can also speak on other topics as well. See back issues of Press for Conversion! for potential topics.)
If your peace/anti-war group would like to sponsor a showing of COAT's anti-BMD power-point presentation, please contact me at the email address below.

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Contact: Richard Sanders, coordinator, Coalition to Oppose the Arms Trade (COAT) and editor of COAT's magazine, Press for Conversion!