June-2 Peace Bus from Toronto to anti-Arms Bazaar Rally in Ottawa!
All aboard!  Hop on the Peace Bus from Toronto to Ottawa for a Peace Rally to protest CANSEC, Canada's largest military weapons bazaar!  The rally will include music, speakers, poetry and more! Details here:

Thousands of buyers, sellers, users and promoters of the latest technologies for war and repression will be rubbing shoulders at this huge, private war-industry event. Cloaking themselves behind a wall of deceptive euphemisms, like "defence" and "security," hundreds of highly-profitable Canadian corporations will showcase their deadly wares.
Bring something to decorate the fence around the CANSEC!

CANSEC exhibitors manufacture various cutting-edge technologies from air-launched missiles and armoured battle vehicles, to high-tech electronics for the world's deadliest warplanes, multi-million dollar gizmos for the militarisation of space, automatic weapons and tear-gas rifles.

The Rally for Peace While a who's who of Canada's military-industrial-political complex, and their closest foreign friends, stage their fancy-dress dinner inside CANSEC, we'll hold a large rally for peace outside. CANSEC organisers say their gala reception is "designed to optimize interactions with current and potential contacts, clients and stakeholders."  We too will be "optimising interactions" with friends and fellow activists in the struggles for peace, the environment, human rights, democracy and Third-World solidarity. Please join us!

Besides the Rally for Peace (5-7 pm), there will also be other activities and events during the day on June 2 and 3 outside the gates to the CANSEC weapons bazaar.

Learn More
Here is an article about CANSEC and the Coalition to Oppose the Arms Trade (COAT) Peace Rally on June 2.

Here is a COAT magazine issue specifically about CANSEC:

Keep up to date http://coat.ncf.ca

About the PEACE BUS

The Peace Bus is being organised by the Canadian Voice of Women for Peace (VOW), which is marking its 50th anniversary this year with many events.

The Peace Bus will be leaving Toronto at 8:30 a.m. on June 2 and returning on June 3 at 4 p.m.
We will leave from, and return to, Friends House, 60 Lowther Ave., near the Bedford exit of the St. George subway station.
We will be arriving in Ottawa, at the Lansdowne Park exhibition grounds, to join the many protesters already there. 

Travel by bus will cost $70.00 each and does not include accommodation.
Please send your cheque to the VOW office at 761 Queen St., W., #203, Toronto, ON M6J 1G1, 416-603-7915 to secure your seat. Space is limited.

For more information on the bus please contact Shirley Farlinger

email: shrf@sympatico.ca
phone: 416-532-0220


Further background information:

Letter from Afghan MP Malalai Joya to the Coalition to Oppose the Arms Trade (antiCANSEC Peace Rally organisers)

"As a representative of a country torn apart by decades of war, occupation and bombs, I join the inspiring protest of peace-loving people in Ottawa against hosting weapons? shows.
Being from a country devastated by war I know very well the awful consequences of arms and ammunition produced by countries like Canada.

The people of Canada should not allow their soil to be used to display any weapons used against the poor people of Afghanistan, Iraq and other countries.
It is so sad that many components of war-planes distributing deadly weapons used against our people are produced in Canada.
I call on peace and justice-loving people in Ottawa to raise their voices to stop the use of their city to display death machines killing poor people. Please express your solidarity with my suffering and crying people by saying ?No? to the show of weapons which drive billions of dollars into the pockets of a few people at the expense of  blood, tears and suffering of the people of Afghanistan and other conflict zones.
I pay tribute to all people who raise their voice against the display of weapons and express the thanks of my people for caring about their life and miseries.

With due respect,
Malalai Joya


Learn lots more about CANSEC and COAT's plans here:

If you can't join the Peace Bus, there are other ways you can help:

Toronto Peace Bus contact: Shirley Farlinger
email: shrf@sympatico.ca
phone: 416-532-0220

Weblinks to information about CANSEC and COAT's opposition to it