Help us put a SNAG in CANSEC!

This year we're putting a nonviolent snag in Canada's largest weapons bazaar, and we need your help!

The snag in question is the Spring Nuremberg Action Group (SNAG).

SNAG is a quickly growing network of individuals and organisations from across Canada that oppose war, is dedicated to nonviolence and committed to upholding international law.  (See the endorsers below and help us add to the list!)

About the SNAG plan
This spring, SNAG will engage in a peaceful, civil disobedience action at the annual CANSEC weapons bazaar in Ottawa. 

On the morning of June 1, SNAG activists will take Nuremberg's powerful antiwar message directly to the gates of CANSEC in order to inform arms-show participants of their obligations to respect international law.  At 12 noon on June 1, SNAG will do some street theatre near the Bank St. entrance to CANSEC.  Following this street theatre -- consisting  of a "die in" -- some SNAG activists will request that they be allowed to enter the war-industry trade show in order to ask CANSEC organisers and exhibitors to sign a pledge declaring their willingness to abide by the Nuremberg Principles. 

There will be a nonviolence training session and event-preparation meeting on Sunday, May 29, 1-5 pm. To reserve a place, call 613-565-5959.

Although some SNAG activists are willing to risk arrest by simply trying to ask CANSEC participants to support international law, there are several other activities that SNAG is also encouraging.

Decorate the Fence: As was done last year, we will decorate the CANSEC fence with colourful signs, symbols, posters, banners and messages about peace. Please join us in this all-day activity! 
Picketing: Others will take part in a peaceful picket of cars entering the arms bazaar.  Bring a sign and join the line!
Peace songs: All are also welcome to join SNAG's hard core of Raging Grannies from Ottawa, Montreal and elsewhere as they sing a medley of anti-war songs. 
Rally: Join us between 12-1 pm for a peace rally at CANSEC's main gates on Bank St. just north of the Rideau Canal.


Endorsements: Whether or not you can join us in Ottawa, you can still help us bring international laws to bear on CANSEC by asking relevant organisations to endorse SNAG's nonviolent efforts.  Thanks!

Free showing of the film: Judgement at Nuremberg

Wednesday, 25 May
233 Gilmour at Metcalfe

About the Nuremberg Principles
At the heart of this year's efforts by SNAG are the Nuremberg Principles. These legal principles form the basis of all existing international laws against war crimes, crimes against humanity and crimes against peace. 

According to the Nuremberg Principals, which arose from the Nazi war crimes trials, it is illegal to be involved in the ?Planning, preparation, initiation or waging of a war of aggression or a war in violation of international treaties, agreements or assurances.?

By facilitating the sale of weapons systems to belligerent nations that are well known to be engaged in such wars, CANSEC is aiding and abetting international crimes against peace, and crimes against humanity.

CANSEC, is Canada's largest war-industry trade show.  It is organised by a government-funded lobby group called the Canadian Association of Defence and Security Industries (CADSI).  This business association now boasts 860 Canadian member companies. (Read more)
About 250 of these so-called "defence" and "security" companies will be exhibiting their wares at Lansdowne Park, which is the City of Ottawa's prime public facility located in a downtown residential community.  The deadly products made by CANSEC exhibitors include small arms, ammunition, battle vehicles, rockets, missiles, and high-tech electronic components that are exported to the US and then embedded in dozens of the world?s deadliest weapons. (Read more) Thanks in part to events like CANSEC, Canadian military exports are now being used on the front lines in major wars in the Middle East, Central Asia and elsewhere. In fact, some 96% of Canada's recent military exports have gone straight into the hands of countries at war. (Read more)  At least 65 companies exhibiting at CANSEC this year have divulged that they have exported their wares to one or more countries in the Middle East and North Africa. (Read more)
But CANSEC exhibitors not only profit by selling the instruments of war to belligerent countries, they also sell "crowd control" and surveillance technologies that are wielded by extremely violent, repressive "state security" agencies in various undemocratic regimes around the world.

CANSEC participants include buyers, sellers and users of military equipment from around the world.  Among those browsing CANSEC exhibits are representatives from many of foreign embassies based in Ottawa. 

Richard Sanders,
coordinator, Coalition to Oppose the Arms Trade (COAT)

P.S. For more info. about SNAG

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Telephone: 613-565-5959