Roy Sanders

I was so excited as a child to go to your family cottage. I remember going out fishing and we put the fish in a pail outside. In the night a bear came and ate them. Oh the mice running around and the new forest beauty wood stove.

Your Dad always had such a relaxed way about him and his droll sense of humour. It was always a treat to be around your family. 

I always thought it was cool that your parents researched the family history and some great great somebody named Tunis had the cooperage in Stockdale and it was on the first property we bought here. Apparently he is buried in the cemetery here in Stockdale. Small world.

Uncle Roy's smile would make me smile every time. One of the most memorable times was at his Aunt Grace's funeral. He looked in the casket and said:

"She looks so real she could tell me to fix my tie and comb my hair."

What a wonderful man!

[To this memory, Heather Wiffen has added that before they left for Roy's mother's funeral, his Aunt Grace had told him to comb his hair.  And then, when he used a pink Kleenex tissue and put it back in his pocket, she snapped at him that he should never under any circumstances bring a pink tissue to a funeral!]

Allie Kirby