Roy Sanders

When I started at NRC in 1956 as a student I was working for W.E.K.Middleton, Ron Bedford and Roy. In September I decided to stay on at NRC and I remained there for 38 years. In the picture next to the spectrophotometer there is a rack with counters and a magnetic tape reader. Roy had installed magnetic pickups on the spectrophotometer to read the reflectance and transmittance of samples. The signals would then go to the counters and to the magnetic tape. This made the reading and calculations of the transmittance and reflectance much easier. When I first started on the spectrophotometer I had to read all the values off the graph paper at every 10 nm from 380 to 760 nm then apply the calculations to obtain the tristimulus values and chromaticity coordinate values which took many hours and lots of patience.

The photo is a General Electric Hardy Spectrophotometer, the first spectrophotometer at NRC. This was one of Roy's two labs shared with W.E.K. Middleton and Ron Bedford.

Clarence Dodd

[The photograph above shows Clarence X. Dodd in about 1958.  The photograph below shows Clarence at his retirement party in 1994. Alan Robertson, second from right, spoke at the Roy's memorial service on behalf of their NRC friends and colleagues.]