Roy Sanders

My condolences on your loss, Richard. I remember your father attending the rather large planning meetings held to plan protests against ARMX in the 80s. You could tell he was a consistent and dedicated anti-war, pro-disarmament activist his whole adult life. The discussions at those meetings often focused on tactics, especially civil disobedience. The decisions (compromises) made at those meetings had the best outcome - the most powerful and united mass protests that could be mustered (I believe, different, but simultaneous protests with people able to make a choice). I still have the tie-die shirt produced for the peace-keeper/ marshals.  The result of those ARMX protests - banning of arms merchants from Ottawa public property - was overturned only in recent years by Ottawa City Council. So, there was a temporary dent in the growing militarism of the imperialist capitalist system. 

Your father was always in the service of democracy, which encompasses the popular and most important such demand to end war.  His passing is an important reminder that we all have a lot of work to do.  In my mind, only socialism and the internationally-united political power of working people will rid the world of the scourge of war. I believe capitalism is more incapable than ever of overcoming its own problems. The resulting militarism, "everyone for themselves" foreign policies, and economic repression mean that the task of renewing the anti-war, pro-disarmament movement is more urgent. Your father died before the balance of forces shifted in that direction, but I'm sure he knew what needed to be done.

Darrell Rankin