Roy Sanders

We are sorry to hear of the passing of your father. 

Despite their ages or our ages, it is always quite a void to lose a parent -- one who gave us life and who was in our lives forever....

It may be comforting to feel that he is now truly at peace, but it will seem odd not to have him in your daily life.

Both Roy and Sylvia were very welcoming to us when we arrived at Pemichangan and we enjoyed the many visits we had with them over the years.

Your parents also shared their enthusiasm for the land, the water and the animals of Pemichangan with the kids.  

Your father was a constant font of information and innovation regarding life in the woods.  (He was a wizard with the chainsaw!)  He gave me the confidence to forsake hydro on our bay and was the impetus to establish our solar system.  He was the first person to tell me about the future of LED as a viable option.  And he was a great inspiration and example to see him stand (as a PhD physicist and government employee!) for nuclear disarmament and for peaceful development.

We are all richer for having had Roy live among us; we are poorer that he is not with us on a daily basis now, but I am confident that his force will live on.

We intend to be at the service on Sunday.  We hope to have time to talk then. 

Please extend our condolences to all of your family.


Hilary Horan and Barbara Lunney