Roy Sanders

I only met Roy briefly, when I stayed with Richard and Susan in 2005.  When they took me to visit Roy and Sylvia in their lovely home, I was impressed not only at what good and friendly people they were, but was also fascinated at how much their political lives mirrored my own in so many ways.  It strengthened my belief that there are so many really good people all round the world who are working to make life better for all, that there is real hope that the future will get better and more caring than the present awful situation. 

We sang a few of the old songs together which we had learned at the opposite ends of the earth (in the days when telecommunications were very rare events for working class people).

In the 1950s "If I had a Hammer" was considered by the authorities to be a Communist song in Australia. I'll be singing it here on Sunday in solidarity with Roy's Memorial Service.

It was so heart-warming to hear Roy and Sylvia's stories, and to feel the togetherness with fellow activists from so far away. Learning that such people elsewhere are also working for a future decent world gives one hope for the future of those following us old ones.

My love and condolences to all the family.

Irene Gale
(from "down under" in Australia)