Roy and Sylvia Sanders

Peace Messages delivered during the
"Adventure Peace Tour" to the USSR, 1985

Roy, Sylvia and Richard travelled to the Soviet Union with about 30 other Canadians, visiting what are now four different countries: Russia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, and Uzbekistan. (See "Travels" for more about this and other trips taken by Roy, Sylvia, et al.)

When CJOH TV targeted the peace movement, and "Peace Tour" participants in particular, as Soviet spies, Roy and Sylvia made concerted efforts -- including a legal suit -- to obtain a retraction and apology.  (Click here for more information about this.)

Peace Messages
In preparation for this trip, Richard Sanders (then-coordinator of the Ottawa Peace Resource Centre, and the Ottawa chapter of World Conference and Religion and Peace), collected good-will, written and audio messages from several peace and religious organisations.  These were transcribed and printed into a 48-page booklet that was presented to Soviet groups during the trip.  Here is the table of contents from the booklet listing those who provided messages of peace for the "Adventure Peace Tour."