A Celebration of the Life of

Words from the Memorial Service at the
Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Ottawa,
Ottawa, Sunday, January 14, 2018

Memories from Susan Fisher
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When I first met Roy and Sylvia 27 years ago, Sylvia greeted me with exuberance and lots of conversation. Roy on the other hand didn't say much, if anything, and after some delay he quietly smiled. I came to realize over the years that those brief and often delayed responses were always worth the wait. Roy had an ability to stay quietly calm and carefully process information from all angles which helped him understand complex subject matter, like physics. He had the right mind and temperment for the job.
He used those abilities at home too. He was a do-it-yourselfer and together he and Sylvia designed and developed 2 cottages and a house, which was a passive solar house built in 1960 years before the sustainable development movement. And his design really worked.
Growing up on a farm and poor, he learned how to figure out how stuff worked and how to fix or build things using the resources at-hand. This is why their basement was so full of stuff -- you never know when you might need it. He also used these abilities in caring for Sylvia at home for 5 years after her stroke. 

They say that some people are all flash and no substance. I would say the opposite is true for Roy -- he wasn't flashy but he was a person of substance. When I remember him, I'll picture that quiet smile.