Dr. Corey Leroy
"Roy" Sanders

Work Titles and Positions

Positions on International Scientific Organisations

1961 - 1967:
Expert Member, Color Rendering Committee,
International Commission on Illumination (CIE)

1961 - 1963: Secretary, Canadian National Committee, CIE

1962:  Member, Consultative Committee, Photometry, International Bureau of Weights and Measures (CIBM)

1962 - 1971:  Chair, Working Group on Primary Standard of Light, CIBM

1963 - 1971:  Expert member, CIE Photometry Committee

1963 - 1967:  President, Canadian National Committee, CIE

1968 - 1979:  Member, Canadian National Committee, CIE

1967 - 1971(?):  Chair, Subcommittee on Spectroradiometry of the Photometry Committee, CIE

1971:  Editor, Feature issue on Photometry of the journal Applied Optics, published by the Optical Society of America, December 1971.

1971 - 1979:  Chair, CIE Photometry and Radiometry Committee (TC-1.2)

1972 - 1975:  Vice-President, Canadian National Committee, CIE

? - 1977: Chair, CIE Technical Committee on Detectors  (TC-2.2)

1974 - 1979
Member, CIE Study Group E (Non-Sensory Effects of Optical Radiation)

1979: Member, CIE Technical Committee on Materials (TC 2.3), Subcommittee on Standards and Techniques

Elected to be a Fellow* of the Optical Society of America, 1963
Member of the Solar Energy Society of Canada, 1975-
Member of the Inter Society Color Council, 1975-

* Being a Fellow of the Optical Society of America (OSA) is a designation which denotes distinguished scientific accomplishment.  It is awarded to a small percentage of OSA members who have "made significant contributions to the advancement of optics." The process of becoming a Fellow, requires being nominated by current Fellows
and then the election by a special OSA Committee.

Work Titles held at the National Research Council of Canada
May 1950 - 1951:  Junior Research Officer I 

1951 - Dec. 1951:  Junior Research Officer

Jan. 1952 to Mar. 1953:  Assistant Research Officer

Apr. 1953 - Dec. 1955:  Junior Research Officer (While doing his Ph.D. in London, England)

Jan. 1956 to Dec. 1960:  Assistant Research Officer

Jan. 1961 to 30 Jun. 1969:  Associate Research Officer

July 1969 to 1979:  Senior Research Officer

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