The Unmanned Systems Canada Expo 2008

"Canada’s National Showcase for Unmanned Systems Technologies"

This is said to be "Canada’s premier event focusing on the national and international ground, air and maritime unmanned systems marketplace."


Organizers say that "the Expo brings together government, business, technology and academic leaders in the unmanned systems community. The show features the full range of unmanned systems for both defense and civilian markets."


This sector is however clearly dominated by makers of drone aircraft for use by the military. These small Uninhabited Aerial Vehicles do "surveillance and reconnaissance" over enemy territory for the purpose of locating targets for later destruction by bombs and missiles.


Organized by AUVSI Canada

The Unmanned Systems Canada Expo 2008 is organized by AUVSI Canada


"AUVSI Canada a national affiliate of the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International (AUVSI), the world’s largest and oldest non-profit organization dedicated to serving and promoting the global unmanned systems industry. Its primary focus is to increase awareness of Canada’s leading-edge research and capabilities in fielding state-of-the art technologies and systems in the rapidly growing area of unmanned vehicle systems."


See AUVSI Canada


AUVSI Canada's Executive Director

The Executive Director of AUVSI Canada is Anne Healey. She is the former general manager of the Canadian Defence Industries Association (CDIA), the driving force behind CANSEC, the military trade show that has been held at the Province of Ontario's Ottawa Congress Centre (OCC) for the last 15 years. The CDIA has now transmogrified into the Canadian Association of Defence and Security Industries (CADSI). It describes itself as "the voice of Canada’s defence and security industries." Due to renovations at the OCC, CANSEC 2009 is now scheduled for the City of Ottawa's Lansdowne Park.

Anne Healey is the daughter of Ed Healey, a Canadian Vice-Admiral who went through the revolving door from Canada's Navy into the federal government. After serving as the Assistant Deputy Minister of Defence (Materiel) (where he became the program manager overseeing the acquisition of Canada's new multi-billion dollar frigates) he left to work as a lobbyist for military industries trying to sell their wares to the government. In 1990 he became the head lobbyist at CFN Consultants. This large PR company now fronts for more than 50 war-related industries.

Spying on COAT
COAT and Anne Healey go way back. In the early 1990s, at the direction of her father, Anne infiltrated COAT meetings and reporting back to him with information about what she learned. Of particular interest to the Healeys was the peace movement's efforts to oppose military industry trade shows in Ottawa, particularly CANSEC.


AUVSI's Board of Directors
Most of the Directors on AUVSI's Board represent companies that are known to have signed up to exhibit at "Secure Canada 2008." It is not yet known however whether Honeywell Canada, Composites Atlantic, CFN Consultants and the
Canadian Police Research Centre plan to be at this military trade show.


President: Jim House, Honeywell Canada
Scott Clements, Canadian Centre for Unmanned Vehicles
Gordon Frosst, General Dynamics Canada
David Hargreaves, MDA
Ron Kane, Air Industries Association of Canada
Claude LaFrance, Composites Atlantic Limited
Claude Lauzon, CAE
Stephen Newton, L-3 Communications
Kevin O'Keefe, CFN Consultants
Bob Palmer, Meggitt Defence Systems
Steve Palmer, Canadian Police Research Centre

Unmanned Systems Canada Expo 2008 is Sponsored by:
General Atomics Aeronautical Systems

"General Atomics’ basic research into fission and fusion has matured into competence in many technologies, making GA and its affiliated companies one of the world’s leading resources for high-technology systems development ranging from the nuclear fuel cycle to remotely operated surveillance aircraft, airborne sensors, and advanced electric, electronic, wireless and laser technologies."

Pictured at left is
General Atomics’ "Predator." Read more about it here.

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