Please sign the online PETITION now:  "Stop Ottawa's Arms Shows!"
For the first time in almost 20 years -- since ARMX '89 -- the City of Ottawa is hosting arms bazaars at municipally-funded facilities.
We stopped them before, we can stop them again!  Please join us!

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Online Petition: Sign it Now!  
Whether you live in Ottawa or elsewhere in Canada, please sign this online petition telling Ottawa politicians to respect City Council's 1989 commitment to stop using municipally-funded facilities for international arms trade exhibitions!
(Here's a hard copy of the petition that can be printed out for signing offline at meetings and other events, etc.)

Spread the word!  
After signing this Coalition to Oppose the Arms Trade (COAT) petition online, please encourage others to do likewise.  Circulate this notice to friends, colleagues, list serves and post the petition link to as many web pages as possible.

Tell the Mayor, City Council and Staff what you think!
Click above to send a preset message to Mayor O'Brien, Ottawa Councillors and Staff.  Send it as is, or -- better yet -- modify the subject line and rewrite text to emphasize your own specific concerns.
(This link will also let you know how to contact City Council by phone, fax and regular post.)

If the so-called "Secure Canada 2008" and "U.S. Embassy Defense and Security Exhibition" (Sept.30-Oct.1) go ahead, we will be organising peaceful protests to express our opposition to these manifestations of the international arms trade. Please join us in our non-violent opposition to the warmongers and merchants of death who will be flogging their deadly wares in Ottawa!  (Please do whatever you can to encourage progressive organizations to endorse COAT's campaign to expose and oppose these blatant manifestations of the international arms trade.)

More Information!
For many more details about the arms bazaars and exhibitors scheduled to showcase their deadly products at Ottawa's Lansdowne Park, please visit the COAT website.

Keep informed
If you aren't already on the "COAT email list," you can join here.

Your support in signing the COAT petition, contacting City Council and encouraging others to do likewise is greatly appreciated! Click here to see how else you might help.

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This webpage was produced by the
Coalition to Oppose the Arms Trade (COAT)

as part of the COAT campaign to oppose 
"Secure Canada 2008" (Sept.30-Oct.1, 2008)