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We began in 1989 to expose and oppose Canada's largest arms bazaar. (Early history) COAT's first campaign led to Ottawa Council's 20-year ban on hosting arms bazaars on City property.  For two decades, COAT has published Press for Conversion! magazine, organized peace rallies, vigils, conferences and campaigns against the arms trade, military air shows and Canada's role in US-led wars and regime changes. 

On March 11, 2011, after years of delays, and just hours after Japan's earthquake, the Government of Canada finally released its severely-flawed report on the arms exports it permitted between 2007 and 2009.  Click below...

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Canada's Military Exports to the
Middle East and North Africa

Inspired by popular revolutions and protests throughout the Middle East and North Africa, COAT has published many sets of detailed data tables exposing about $2 Billion in Canada's arms exports to the region.  Since mid-February, 2011, COAT has been posting information to show that for decades, Conservative & Liberal governments alike -- while preaching peace and  human rights -- have facilitated and promoted the steady flow of arms, ammunition, tear gas, battle vehicles, explosives and much more, to repressive undemocratic governments.  Canada is deeply complicit in aiding and abetting unpopular U.S.-backed authoritarian regimes that retain power through violence.

CANSEC 2011, Canada's Largest Weapons Bazaar is Approaching!  June 1 - 2
2011 Exhibitor's list        April 18 meeting       CANSEC Exhibitors selling to the Middle East

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