Exposing and Opposing CANSEC
Canada's largest War Industry Bazaar

See Coalition to Oppose the Arms Trade (COAT) research
for details about Canadian war-related industries
that have exhibited at this huge military industry trade show


Spring Nuremberg Action Group

Putting a SNAG in CANSEC

About SNAG 

Events June 1

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Videos of 4 speakers
at CANSEC 2011 protest

Video of die in and more

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CANSEC Exhibitors
Exporting to Middle East
and North Africa

Some NEWS media coverage
of protests



Learn about the CANSEC 2010 Campaign

COAT's Rally for PEACE (June 2, 2010)

Videos & photos from COAT's June 2 Rally!

A great success!

THANKS to all!

Some media coverage: CANSEC/COAT

Decorating the Fence

An article summarising CANSEC and the campaign

Learn about the CANSEC War Exhibitors

Other related events

Media Advisory
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Shamefully, the City of Ottawa ended its 20-year ban on holding arms bazaars at City facilities.

Press for Conversion! magazine:  CANSEC: War is Business

About the Campaign

CANSEC '09 Files

Pictures from inside the Exhibition

CANSEC Music video
("Masters of War," by Bob Dylan; "Last Train to Nuremburg," by COAT patron, Pete Seeger)

Slideshow:  CANSEC: Fuelling wars around the world

Campaign 2008

War Show Cancelled!