Minister Freeland's Grandfather,

Michael Chomiak,

the Nazi's Top
Ukrainian Propagandist:

Fake News,
Mighty Wurlitzers,
Historical Amnesia and the
(or Bear) in the Room

By Richard Sanders, editor, Press for Conversion! magazine of the Coalition to Oppose the Arms Trade, March 22, 2017

"It takes a village to raise a Nazi" (old African proverb, slightly modified)

1- Introduction

2 - The Liberal Government's Warm Embrace of Ukraine's Nazi Collaborators

3 - Historical Amnesia and the Blinding Effects of Propaganda

4 - The Nazis as Victims?  Sure, just Blame the Russians!

5 - Canada needs Truth and Reconciliation, not Denials and Obfuscation

6 - Historical Denial among Canada's ultranationalist Ukrainians

7 - Michael Chomiak, The Ukrainian Central Committee and its Nazi Newspapers

8 - Aryanisation and the "Mighty Wurlitzer"

9 - The Ukrainian Canadian Congress and its Fascist Roots

10 - Getting them Early: Building the ultraNationalist Cause among Children and Youth

11 - The Freeland-Chomiak Parallels in Advocacy Journalism

12 - Was Freeland an "Accidental Journalist," or Groomed for the Job?

13 - In 1989, Freeland was Declared an "Enemy of the Soviet State"

14 - A Chomiak-Freeland Fixation on Jewish Oligarchs running the Kremlin

15 - Freeland's Kremlin-Oligarch Theory goes Global with Jewish Plutarchetype

16 - Institutionalised Confidence Scams: An Open Conspiracy of Oligarchs, Politicians and Journalists

17 - Escaping the War Racket starts with Seeing the Elephant

18 - Just Following Orders?  Which Orders?

19 - Is there a Bear in the Room?  Kill it!

20 - The Collective Care and Feeding of Russophobia

21 - The Need for Truth and Reconciliation

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Captive Canada:
Renditions of the Peaceable Kingdom at War, from Narratives of WWI and the Red Scare to the Mass Internment of Civilians
Or, how we learned to stop worrying, keep calm and carry on loving the myths that define and confine us.

This issue (#68) deals with the mass internment of Ukrainian Canadians, this community's left-right split and the mainstream racist, xenophobic anti-communism of progressive "Social Gospellers" (like the CCF's J.S. Woodsworth) who were so captivated by their false beliefs that they carried out the genocide of First Nations and turned a blind eye to government repression during the 20th-century "Red Scare."

The main thesis is captured here:
"The Canada Syndrome,
a Captivating Mass Psychosis"

Part 21
The Need for Truth and Reconciliation

The Government of Canada and various civil society organisations are currently involved in a very long-overdue, social-healing process known as Truth and Reconciliation. Trying to face the reality that many of this country's most prominent citizens and organisations collaborated in the genocide of Indigenous peoples is a breakthrough for a country long in denial. 

In keeping with the principles of Truth and Reconciliation, Freeland and others in her ultranationalist village should stop turning a blind eye to the fact that thousands of Ukrainians who sympathised, supported and/or collaborated with the Nazis came here to Canada soon after WWII.  The Liberal government, which worked with the Ukrainian Canadian Congress to facilitate the mass influx of tens of thousands of Ukrainians displaced by the war, also needs to engage in some deep self-reflection to confront and finally disavow its own institutionalised heritage of antiSemitism, virulent anticommunism and Russophobia.

While Freeland has only one Nazi collaborator in her family history, there are thousands of such skeletons still skulking in the Government of Canada's large walk-in closet.  Leading members of the Liberal family in particular need to disclose their Party's shadowy heritage of complicity with fascists, and to apologise to the public for covering up this well-documented history for so long.

Whether they can see it or not, the Ukrainian Canadian Congress ‑ and those of its member organisations which are so deeply rooted in fascist history ‑ also have a moral obligation to apply the principals of Truth and Reconciliation to their forebears' unacknowledged roles in the genocide of Jews, Poles and Soviets.

For her part, Freeland should come clean by explaining why ‑ for more than 20 years ‑ she covered up her grandfather's complicity in spreading Nazi propaganda through the top Ukrainian-language, fake-news periodicals of WWII.

But, don't hold your breathe.  Unfortunately, Freeland, her Ukrainian village allies and the Liberal government's media spin-doctors are far more likely to devise carefully-doctored public statements that will continue to hide all of the worst excesses of her grandfather's complicity as a propaganda meister in the Nazi's mighty Wurlitzer.  And, what's worse, the broader issues of Liberal collaboration in related scandals will continue to be completely ignored.

Instead of providing an apology for decades of whitewashing her grandfather's Nazi history, Freeland and her friends in civil society, the government and mass media, will find clever ways to twist the historical facts to suit their shared political agenda.  No doubt her dido, Michael Chomiak, will be falsely presented as an innocent civilian whose poor family was victimised by two equally evil empires: the Soviets and the Nazis. No doubt this fake news will make the headlines as they try desperately to push the ugly spectre of truth back into the shadows where they think it belongs. 

Those concerned about truth and reconciliation regarding Canadian involvement in various genocides, should not allow this propaganda to pass.  While some attention is now being directed into one prominent family closet, thanks to revelations about Freeland's grandfather, now is the time to try to explore the shadows within whole rooms that are Liberally packed with Nazi skeletons that have long been avoiding the light of public exposure.

But let's not be naive. Whatever grossly amnesiac statements are concocted to try to spin their way out of the Chomiak story of Nazi collaboration, Freeland and company will no doubt display the sheer chutzpah and confidence to turn this scandal into yet another opportunity to project Canada's belligerent, blame-the-Russians approach to foreign policy. 

In the long run however, as the public's awareness of history grows and the mighty Wurlitzer of corporate propaganda is exposed for its mendacious chutzpah in spreading fake news, such over-the-top examples of politically institutionalised confidence schemes will backfire against those who attempt them. 

The struggle continues...