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This is the online version of
Profiting from Israeli Apartheid:
Canada Pension Plan (CPP) Investments in Corporations Supporting Israelís Military-, Police-, Surveillance-, Prison-Industrial Complex (Part 1)"
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Delek, which means fuel in Hebrew, is one of Israelís largest corporations. It is Israelís "leading energy and infrastructure group," its second largest retail gas and lubricants supplier and its third largest investment company. But Delek has its fingers in other pies as well, including real estate, insurance, financial services and the automotive sector.

Until the late 1990s, most of Delek shares were held by Israelís Bank Hapoalim and Discount Investment Corp. (DIC). Delek is now largely owned by Libyan-born Israeli billionaire, Isaac Tshuva, whose career began in Israelís military. As Business Week noted:

"After three years in the [Israeli] army he skipped college and began working in construction for the [Israeli] Defense Ministry. When Israel captured the Sinai Peninsula in the 1967 war, he helped erect the Bar Lev Line, a chain of fortifications along the Suez Canal."

The chairman of Delek is Gabi Last, a retired Major General who "served in various command positions in the Israeli police force from 1985 to 1998, including as the Vice Inspector General from 1996 to 1998."

Delekís executives also include Moshe Karadi who "served as a paratrooper in the IDF [Israel Defense Forces], and on leaving the army in 1984, joined the Border Police." Karadi "rose in the ranks until he reached the top position in the police force." Karadi is now the General Manager of Delek Pi-Glilot, a Delek subsidiary that stores, distributes and delivers fuel. Its website lists the Israeli Ministry of Defense as a customer.

Delekís 2010 report notes that:

l Delek Israel and Delek Oils are "approved suppliers" to Israelís Ministry of Defense.

l Delekís fuel services include "storage of a defense stock for the State."

l "Delek has agreements for maintenance and supply of vehicle parts with...the Ministry of Defense."

l About 37% of Delek-Refinery production is military jet fuel (JP-8).

The website of another Israeli subsidiary, Delek Lubricants, which sells "[a]viation lubricants for jet and piston aircraft," lists "military industries" among its customers.

But besides supplying Israelís military-industrial complex, Delek also fuels US warplanes. Delek Refining, a part of the Delek US Holdingsí empire, received US$596 million in aviation fuel contracts from the US military between 2000 and 2011.

The "Who Profits from the occupation" website reveals that yet another Delek Group subsidiary, Delek Israel Fuel, has more than a dozen fuelling stations and "Menta" convenience stores in illegally-occupied West Bank settlements.

In 2004, Israelís business paper, Globes, reported that the countryís Ministry of Defense gave a five-year contract "to procure its electricity needs exclusively from Dorad Energy." At the time, Delek owned 20% of Dorad. Globes noted that Israelís military "accounts for 2.5% of Israelís entire electricity consumption."

In 2001, Delek was involved in a US$100 million, five-year contract to supply and service 2,000 Ford tactical F-350 trucks. The project, financed by US military aid money, was to replace the Israeli militaryís "Abir" command car. Delek, being Fordís exclusive importer and distributor in Israel, landed a good part of this contract. Delekís "maintenance" contract for each of these 2,000 Israeli army vehicles was between US$20,000 and US$30,000. Globes reported that

"Delek Motors...will work with the [Israeli] Ministry of Defense to carry out the terms of the contract, which includes preparation for delivery, day-to-day maintenance, driver training, and so forth. This is one of the largest vehicle supply contracts involving importers in the Israeli vehicle sector."



COAT research (published in Issues 66 and 67 of Press for Conversion!) exposes that in 2011 the CPP owned about $1.5 billion worth of shares in 68 corporations supplying Israel with military, police, surveillance and prison-related products.

To read COAT's research on the first half of
these 68 companies, click the pdf links below
to see the print version of Issue 66.  Or, click
each company name for the web version.)
(Articles on the second set of 34 companies
are in Issue #67 of Press for Conversion!):

pdf  3M Co
Amdocs Ltd
pdf  Analog Devices Inc

pdf  AT&T
pdf  BAE Systems
pdf  Bank Hapoalim
pdf  Bezeq
pdf  Bharat Electronics Ltd
pdf  CAE Inc
pdf  Carlyle Group
pdf  Caterpillar Inc
pdf  Cellcom Israel
pdf  Cemex
pdf  Cisco Systems
pdf  CRH plc
pdf  Daewoo Engineering & Construction
pdf  Daimler AG
pdf  Delek Group
pdf  Dell Inc
pdf  Discount Investment Corp
pdf  Doosan Corp
pdf  Eaton Corp
pdf  Elbit Systems
pdf  EMC Corp
pdf  Evraz Group
pdf  Fiat Industrial
pdf  Fiat SpA
pdf  Finmeccanica
pdf  Fujitsu Ltd
pdf  Hewlett-Packard Co
pdf  Hitachi Ltd
pdf  Honeywell International
pdf  Hyundai Motor Co
pdf  Hyundai Heavy Industries

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Table listing CPP Investments


Table listing CPP Investments worth $1.5 billion in 66 companies supporting Israel's military, police, surveillance, prison-industrial complex.

Table listing additional investments totalling $4.5 billion by six large Canadian pension funds (including CPP) in the 66 companies researched by COAT.

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