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Profiting from Israeli Apartheid:
Canada Pension Plan (CPP) Investments in Corporations Supporting Israel’s Military-, Police-, Surveillance-, Prison-Industrial Complex (Part 1)"
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Total = $76,447,000

Although its consumer products have made Honeywell a household name, the company is not generally seen as one of the world’s leading war industries. But it is. With assets of about US$38 billion, and military-related revenues reaching US$5.4 billion in 2010, Honeywell is the world’s 15th largest weapons maker. Honeywell is, in fact, part of the consortium that manages and operates the Pantex Plant in Texas, where all US nuclear bombs are assembled. Although Honeywell’s military revenues usually account for less than 15% of its total business, the company has since 1999 almost always ranked within the world’s top 15 war industries.

Honeywell also consistently ranks as a top Pentagon supplier. During the 2000s, with sales of US$14.1 billion to the US military, Honeywell was 20th on the Pentagon’s supplier list.

Although it spun off its cluster bomb-making "defense division" to create Alliant Techsystems in 1990, Honeywell can still brag that it

"leads the industry in precision directional control of kinetic warheads for ballistic missile interceptors. We helped pioneer…solid propulsion reaction controls for missile interceptors on the LEAP, AIT and SM-3 [weapons systems] and developed a new family of advanced high temperature Jet Reaction Controls to provide unmatched agility, maneuverability and end-game lethality to tactical missiles and precision guided munitions such as Israeli Military Industry’s Multiple Launch Rocket System [MLRS]." (Emphasis added.)

HP’s pride in providing "end-game lethality" for Israel’s M270 MLRS missile system is telling. The contract to build "Trajectory Correction Systems" to upgrade the accuracy of this rocket artillery was won by Israel Military Industries (IMI), a large government-owned weapons firm. (See IMI in "State-owned Israeli War Industries.") For its part, Honeywell provided "Fluidic Thrust Vector Control diverter valves …to deliver trajectory correction" for the MLRS, made by Lockheed Martin (LM). (See LM in table "CPP Investments.") Israel used the MLRS against Lebanon in 2006.

In reporting on two large US weapons-transfers requested by Israel in 2004 and 2007, the US Department of Defense stated that among the "principal contractors" would be Honeywell and Lockheed Martin. The munitions in question included warheads and weapons fuses valued at $319 million (in 2004) and $465 million (in 2007). The 2004 export was to include 10,000 "live bombs," 160 "inert bombs" and 9,500 "live fuze components." The 2007 export deal was to include 10,000 tail kits for Joint Direct Attack Munitions, 4,000 full kits for various warheads, 13,550 "live bombs," and 20,000 "live fuze components."

Lycoming (now part of Honeywell) manufactured LTS101 turboshaft engines to power Eurocopter HH-65A "Dolphin" military helicopters, which are operated by Israel.

Honeywell has a "Store Front" agreement with the Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI). (See IAI in "State-owned Israeli War Industries.") This agreement is with IAI’s subsidiary, the Bedek Aviation Group. IAI also incorporates Honeywell engines, such as the T53, into the aircraft that it builds.

Honeywell torpedoes arm the Israeli Navy’s Sa’ar V corvettes. One of these warships was used in Israel’s attack on the Gaza Freedom Flotilla in May 2010, killing nine human rights activists, and injured dozens more.

Data obtained by the Coalition to Oppose the Arms Trade from the "Government Contracts USA Defense Department" database show that between 1999 and 2009, Honeywell received over 700 contracts worth US$489 million for products and services related to three major, US-made weapons systems of the kind sold to Israel. These weapons systems, the AH-64 attack helicopter, and the F-15 and F-16 warplanes, were used in Israel’s air strikes against Lebanon (2006), and Gaza (2008-2009).

Honeywell received US$48.1 million in AH-64 contracts, including the maintenance and repair of weapons and aircraft structural components, the supply of aircraft gunnery fire-control components, radar equipment, optical sighting and ranging equipment, engine and fuel system components, and flight instruments.

Its F-15 contracts, valued at US$207.3 million, included the maintenance and repair of weapons, and the supply of weapons fire-control equipment, weapon system hardware, navigation, flight, engine and communication instruments, electrical motors, and wheel and brake systems.

Honeywell’s F-16 contracts, amounting to US$233.7 million, were for such products and services as gunnery and bombing fire-control components, navigational and flight instruments, transmission equipment and engine components, electronic microcircuits, and maintenance and repair of engine accessories.



COAT research (published in Issues 66 and 67 of Press for Conversion!) exposes that in 2011 the CPP owned about $1.5 billion worth of shares in 68 corporations supplying Israel with military, police, surveillance and prison-related products.

To read COAT's research on the first half of
these 68 companies, click the pdf links below
to see the print version of Issue 66.  Or, click
each company name for the web version.)
(Articles on the second set of 34 companies
are in Issue #67 of Press for Conversion!):

pdf  3M Co
Amdocs Ltd
pdf  Analog Devices Inc

pdf  AT&T
pdf  BAE Systems
pdf  Bank Hapoalim
pdf  Bezeq
pdf  Bharat Electronics Ltd
pdf  CAE Inc
pdf  Carlyle Group
pdf  Caterpillar Inc
pdf  Cellcom Israel
pdf  Cemex
pdf  Cisco Systems
pdf  CRH plc
pdf  Daewoo Engineering & Construction
pdf  Daimler AG
pdf  Delek Group
pdf  Dell Inc
pdf  Discount Investment Corp
pdf  Doosan Corp
pdf  Eaton Corp
pdf  Elbit Systems
pdf  EMC Corp
pdf  Evraz Group
pdf  Fiat Industrial
pdf  Fiat SpA
pdf  Finmeccanica
pdf  Fujitsu Ltd
pdf  Hewlett-Packard Co
pdf  Hitachi Ltd
pdf  Honeywell International
pdf  Hyundai Motor Co
pdf  Hyundai Heavy Industries

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Table listing CPP Investments


Table listing CPP Investments worth $1.5 billion in 66 companies supporting Israel's military, police, surveillance, prison-industrial complex.

Table listing additional investments totalling $4.5 billion by six large Canadian pension funds (including CPP) in the 66 companies researched by COAT.


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