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Cover letter mailed with this issue

A sample of the letters mailed (May 1, 2016) to all NDP MPs with this issue.
(Not a single NDP MP ever replied.)

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Captive Canada:
Renditions of the Peaceable Kingdom at War,
from Narratives of WWI and the Red Scare
to the Mass Internment
of Civilians.

To read the articles now online,
click a pdf or htm link.
pdf htm

The Canada Syndrome, a Captivating Mass Psychosis

pdf htm War Mania, Mass Hysteria and Moral Panics:
Rendered Captive by Barbed Wire and Maple Leaves
pdf htm Empire & Sons:
From Maj.Gen. Sir William Otter, to the NDP & the Waffle
pdf htm From Frying Pan to Prairie Fire:  
One Captivation after Another
pdf htm First Nations, First Captives:
Genocidal Precedents for Canadian Concentration Camps
pdf htm The Occupation(al) Psychosis of
Empire-Building Missionaries
pdf htm Religious Guardians of the Peaceable Kingdom:
Winnipeg’s Key Social-Gospel Gatekeepers of Canada West
pdf htm Liberal Advances in Canada’s Racist Lawmaking
pdf htm Crushing Rebels, Radicals and Reds:
The Bunker Mentality, All in the Woodsworth Family Tradition
The Next Generation: Charles Woodsworth, Our Man in Saigon
pdf htm Why the Social Gospel turned a Blind Eye to Mass Internment
pdf htm Canadian antiSemites, antiReds and the Internment of Trotsky
pdf htm The Russian Revolution of 1905-1907
htm Racist Roots of Toryism and antiSemitism
htm From Czarist Pogroms to Canada's WWII Internment Camps for Jews and Communists
pdf htm Left-Right Camps: A Century of Ukrainian Canadian Internment
pdf htm Glorifying Ukrainian-Canadian Veterans of OUN/UPA Terrorism
pdf htm Waffen SS Galician Division Revered by Canada’s Ukrainian Right
pdf   Back cover [with brief summary and order

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