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Defunding the Myths and Cults of
Cold War Canada:
Ongoing state support for East European
émigré groups with deep fascist roots

(Collaborators, Crusades and Coverups in an era of “truth and reconciliation”)

Issue #70, Press for Conversion! (Spring 2021)
of the
Coalition to Oppose the Arms Trade (COAT)
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Defunding Cold War Canada

Table of Contents

Canada’s anti-Red, Cold War propaganda in context
L.B.Pearson: Godfather of Cda’s Cold War on the new "Red" enemy
Pearson College and NATO’s United World Colleges
The CBC’s “Voice of Canada” --  Weapon of Cold War propaganda
‘Voice of America’ & the CIA’s ‘Radio Free Europe’ & “Radio Liberty’
L.B.Pearson: Groomed by King, St. Laurent & the ‘Big antiRed Machine'
Mackenzie King gave shocking praise for Hitler until the eve of war in 1939
Liberal immigration: "None is too many" and Too many is not enough
Why did King have such adoring admiration for Nazi Germany's dictator?
King loved Hitler’s hate speech against “Jewish international Bolshevism”

“Captive Nations” and their "Black-Ribbon-Day" crusade
The ignored historical context of “Black Ribbon Day” (Aug. 23, 1939)
“Captive Nations”: Nazi trope to CIA meme to Cold-War trump card
The “Captive Nations” conceit in Nazi propaganda
John Diefenbaker: Strong voice at the UN for “Captive Nations” bloc
The BRD campaign: Canada’s top Cold War propaganda export
The late Cold War context of the BRD crusade
Ongoing propaganda of the former "Captive Nations":
    (1) Canada’s anti-communism monument and (2) the Magnitsky laws

Far-right roots:
East European émigré groups in Canada & abroad

Estonian Central Council in Canada
   Estonia glorifies Nazi veterans as ‘freedom fighters’
Estonian World Council
Lithuanian Canadian Community and the Lithuanian World Community
   Lithuanian nationalists now have 'freedom' to glorify Nazi heritage
Latvian National Federation in Canada
World Federation of Free Latvians
Slovak World Congress and the Canadian Slovak League
Council of Free Czechoslovakia & Czechoslovak Nat'l Assoc. of Cda.

Ukrainian linchpin of Cda’s postwar, far-right diaspora
Krakow and Ottawa, 1940: "A Tale of Two Cities," and two UCCs:
(1) Germany’s Ukrainian Central Cttee. and (2) Canada's Ukrainian Canadian Cttee.

The Anti-Bolshevik Bloc of Nations & World AntiCommunist League
Yaroslav Stetsko: Leader of proNazi Ukraine, 1941

State-funded centres of Canada’s Bandera cult and its Bandera youth
Roman Shukhevych: Assassin, terrorist, war criminal and cult hero

Getting them young: Instilling Ukrainian patriotism in children and youth
Plast recruited for Nazi’s Waffen SS Galicia; now recruits for Ukraine
From Chomiak to Freeland: “keep that flame alive”
Chrystia Freeland: “Accidental journalist” or groomed for the job?
Myron Kuropas: Downplaying Holocaust; Exaggerating Holodomor
Turning from same page: Freeland wrote for pro-fascist publications
Yuri Shymko: From Bandera youth leader, MPP & MP, to elder statesman
Lisa Shymko: In the footsteps of family, community & far-right, war heroes
Rubbing political shoulders with the ABN in Toronto

The struggle continues...                                            Abridged Index

Yaroslav Stetsko:
Leader of proNazi Ukraine, 1941

By Richard

(Click here for a pdf to see this article as it appears in print)

Celebrating Yaroslav Stetsko's 100th anniversary at the Ukrainian cultural centre In Etobicoke, Ontario, uniformed members of the Ukrainian Youth Association march in formation.

Lead by a youth bearing Stetsko's portrait, others carry the
blue+yellow Ukrainian flag and the black+red WWII battle flag of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army (led by Stepan Bandera's faction of the antisemitic/anticommunist Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists).

On June 30, 1941, one week after their Operation-Barbarossa invasion of the USSR, the Nazis occupied Lviv, Ukraine. Marching with them was the Nachtigall Battalion. It was allied to Stepan Bandera’s fascist Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN-B) which then proclaimed an "independent" Ukraine and gave its total support to Nazi Germany. Bandera’s deputy, Yaroslav Stetsko, declared himself the prime minister, while Nachtigall commander and OUN(B) leader, Roman Shukhevych, became deputy defence minister.

"I consider Marxism to be a product of the Jewish mind, which has been applied in the Muscovite prison of peoples by the Muscovite-Asiatic people with the assistance of Jews. Moscow and Jewry are Ukraine’s greatest enemies and bearers of corruptive Bolshevik international ideas. Although I consider Moscow, which in fact held Ukraine in captivity, and not Jewry, to be the main and decisive enemy, I nonetheless fully appreciate the undeniably harmful and hostile role of the Jews, who are helping Moscow to enslave Ukraine. I therefore support the destruction of the Jews and the expedience of bringing German methods of exterminating Jewry to Ukraine, barring their assimilation...." (Emphasis added.)

Source: Yaroslav Stetsko, "My Biography," July 1941.

On May 8, 1939, Novyi shliakh [the official publication of the Ukrainian National Federation of Canada] had an article by Yaroslav Stetsko. In it he insisted that Jews were "nomads and parasites," a nation of ‘swindlers, materialists and egotists," "devoid of heroism...." Jews, Stetsko said, were only interested in "personal profit," found "pleasure in ... the basest instincts," and were determined "to corrupt the heroic culture of warrior nations." Ukrainians, Stetsko said, being "the first people in Europe to understand the corrupting work of Jewry," had separated themselves from the Jews centuries ago, to retain "the purity of their spirituality and culture." Stetsko also put Jews at the centre of an international conspiracy by suggesting that Jewish capitalists and Jewish Communists were collaborating to promote Jewish interests.

Source: Orest Martynowych, "Sympathy for the Devil: The Attitude of Ukrainian War Veterans in Canada to Nazi Germany & the Jews, 1933-39," Re-imagining Ukrainian Canadians: History, Politics, and Identity, 2011.

Ukraine’s fascist state, 1941

The 1941 Act of Ukrainian Statehood glorified what it called their "bloody battle with the Moscovite-Bolshevik enslavers" and their "energetic battle for freedom." Vowing to "continue to fight with the Allied German Army against Moscovite occupation for a sovereign and united State and a new order in the whole world," they declared support for Hitler’s goal of a "new order in Europe and the world," and said the:

newly formed Ukrainian state will work closely with the National-Socialist Greater Germany, under the leadership of its leader Adolf Hitler which is forming a new order in Europe and the world and is helping the Ukrainian People to free itself from Moscovite occupation.1

Stetsko’s radio broadcast of this proclamation received immediate support from the top of the Ukrainian Orthodox and Ukrainian Greek Catholic churches. The latter’s Archbishop, Andrey Sheptytsky, wrote a pastoral letter stating:

We greet the victorious German Army as deliverer from the enemy. We render our obedient homage to the government which has been erected. We recognize Mr. Yaroslav Stetsko as Head of State ... of the Ukraine.2

Promoting genocide

That same day, OUN(B) notices plastered all over Lviv incited Ukrainians to ethnically cleanse their newly-created nation state:

Do not throw away your weapons now. Take them in your hands. Destroy the enemy .… People! Know! Moscow, Poland, the Hungarians, the Jews are your enemies. Destroy them!

Know! Your leadership is the Leadership of Ukrainian Nationalists, is the OUN. Your Leader is Stepan Bandera. Your goal is an Independent United Ukrainian State. Your path is the path of the Ukrainian National Revolution, the path of armed struggle, the path of the OUN. Glory to Ukraine! Glory to the Heroes! Glory to the Leader!3

After thus unleashing mass murder in Lviv, the Nazis and their Ukrainian allies went on to slaughter four million Soviet civilians in Ukraine alone.

Whitewashing Stetsko’s Ukraine

Ukrainian ethnonationalists deny OUN(B) links to Nazism. For example, in its article on the 1941 Act of Ukrainian Statehood, the Encyclopedia of Ukraine does not mention the OUN-B’s declaration’s effusive alliance with Hitler, the Nazis and "the Allied German Army against Moscovite occupation." Instead, it decries communist criticism of the OUN(B) efforts saying: "Soviet authorities ... painted them in the blackest terms as the perfidious undertakings of evil collaborators riding on the coattails of the Nazis."4

Similarly, the proBandera-Stetsko League of Ukrainian Canadians used the canard of Nazi-Soviet equivalency to praise the OUN-B’s 1941 proclamation, by saying:

when Ukraine was sandwiched between two likeminded, murderous invaders, Soviet Russia from the east and Nazi Germany from the west ... Stepan Bandera and Yaroslav Stetsko, gave the nation hope for a better, free, democratic future by bravely declaring independence....5


References and notes

1. Samostiyna Ukraina, July 10, 1941, p.1, cited in John A. Armstrong, Ukrainian Nationalism, 1963, pp.79-80.

2. Ibid., p.81.

3. Nationalist placard posted in Lviv on 30 June 1941 incites pogroms

4. Michael Savaryn, "Proclamation of Ukrainian statehood, 1941," Encyclopedia of Ukraine, 1993.
(Note: The author is likely Peter Savaryn’s son, see p.59.)

5. Ihor Dlaboha, "75 Years Ago Ukrainian Nation re-established Statehood," Jun. 29, 2016.

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