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Defunding the Myths and Cults of
Cold War Canada:
Ongoing state support for East European
émigré groups with deep fascist roots

(Collaborators, Crusades and Coverups in an era of “truth and reconciliation”)

Issue #70, Press for Conversion! (Spring 2021)
of the
Coalition to Oppose the Arms Trade (COAT)
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Defunding Cold War Canada

Table of Contents

Canada’s anti-Red, Cold War propaganda in context
L.B.Pearson: Godfather of Cda’s Cold War on the new "Red" enemy
Pearson College and NATO’s United World Colleges
The CBC’s “Voice of Canada” --  Weapon of Cold War propaganda
‘Voice of America’ & the CIA’s ‘Radio Free Europe’ & “Radio Liberty’
L.B.Pearson: Groomed by King, St. Laurent & the ‘Big antiRed Machine'
Mackenzie King gave shocking praise for Hitler until the eve of war in 1939
Liberal immigration: "None is too many" and Too many is not enough
Why did King have such adoring admiration for Nazi Germany's dictator?
King loved Hitler’s hate speech against “Jewish international Bolshevism”

“Captive Nations” and their "Black-Ribbon-Day" crusade
The ignored historical context of “Black Ribbon Day” (Aug. 23, 1939)
“Captive Nations”: Nazi trope to CIA meme to Cold-War trump card
The “Captive Nations” conceit in Nazi propaganda
John Diefenbaker: Strong voice at the UN for “Captive Nations” bloc
The BRD campaign: Canada’s top Cold War propaganda export
The late Cold War context of the BRD crusade
Ongoing propaganda of the former "Captive Nations":
    (1) Canada’s anti-communism monument and (2) the Magnitsky laws

Far-right roots:
East European émigré groups in Canada & abroad

Estonian Central Council in Canada
   Estonia glorifies Nazi veterans as ‘freedom fighters’
Estonian World Council
Lithuanian Canadian Community and the Lithuanian World Community
   Lithuanian nationalists now have 'freedom' to glorify Nazi heritage
Latvian National Federation in Canada
World Federation of Free Latvians
Slovak World Congress and the Canadian Slovak League
Council of Free Czechoslovakia & Czechoslovak Nat'l Assoc. of Cda.

Ukrainian linchpin of Cda’s postwar, far-right diaspora
Krakow and Ottawa, 1940: "A Tale of Two Cities," and two UCCs:
(1) Germany’s Ukrainian Central Cttee. and (2) Canada's Ukrainian Canadian Cttee.

The Anti-Bolshevik Bloc of Nations & World AntiCommunist League
Yaroslav Stetsko: Leader of proNazi Ukraine, 1941

State-funded centres of Canada’s Bandera cult and its Bandera youth
Roman Shukhevych: Assassin, terrorist, war criminal and cult hero

Getting them young: Instilling Ukrainian patriotism in children and youth
Plast recruited for Nazi’s Waffen SS Galicia; now recruits for Ukraine
From Chomiak to Freeland: “keep that flame alive”
Chrystia Freeland: “Accidental journalist” or groomed for the job?
Myron Kuropas: Downplaying Holocaust; Exaggerating Holodomor
Turning from same page: Freeland wrote for pro-fascist publications
Yuri Shymko: From Bandera youth leader, MPP & MP, to elder statesman
Lisa Shymko: In the footsteps of family, community & far-right, war heroes
Rubbing political shoulders with the ABN in Toronto

The struggle continues...                                            Abridged Index

The World Federation
of Free Latvians

By Richard

(Click here for a PDF to see this sidebar  as it appears in print)

The WFFL was formed in 1956 to unite the antiSoviet Latvian diaspora, including the Latvian National Federation in Canada (LNAC). Latvian Canadians were represented at WFFL meetings, such as one in Washington, DC, in 1969, by LNAK chairman Janis Niedra, a Nazi collaborator.1 The WFFL has had only two non-US chairmen. Both were Canadians: Martinš Sausinš (2008-11) and Linards Lukss (1988-89). Lukss was instrumental in creating and leading not only Canada’s Captive Nations Committee (i.e., the Group of 7) but also the global Black Ribbon Day campaign.

WFFL chairman Ilgvars Spilners (left) with ABN leaders Slava and Yaroslav Stetsko;
Rev. Maris Kirsons (Latvia); Griffin Bell, (chairman, US Delegation to Madrid Conference on Cooperation and Security in Europe) and Rimas Chesonis (Lithuania).
ABN Correspondence, Mar.-Apr. 1986, p.50.

WFFL leaders, publications and activities were often promoted by the profascist Anti-Bolshevik Bloc of Nations (ABN).2 For example, in 1981, the ABN’s March/April issue had a photo of WFFL chairman, Ilgvars Spilners, at a multinational, state-sponsored security conference in Madrid. The ABN’s photo caption was "Common Front for National Independence and Human Rights of the Subjugated Nations."3 Posing with Spilners was Jimmy Carter’s former Attorney General, Griffin Bell, and ABN leaders Slava and Yaroslav Stetsko. (See also.) Slava who edited two ABN periodicals, became its president in 1986 after her husband Yaroslav’s presidency (1946-86). 

June 12, 1986, President Ronald Reagan accepted the Baltic Freedom Award in the Oval Office.

The delegation included leaders of the Baltic American Freedom League, the Lithuanian American Council, the American Latvian Association, the Estonian American National Council.

The World Federation of Free Latvians was represented by its chair,
Olgerts Pavlovskis (second from right).

Latvia's Freedom to Glorify the Waffen SS

Since it
s ‘liberation’ from the USSR in 1991, Latvians have ‘freely’ glorified the Nazi's Waffen SS.

In March
2019, 1,000 rallied at a now-annual commemoration to honour Latvia’s Waffen SS. This event takes place in the capital at Riga’s ‘Freedom Monument.

’s Defense Minister, Artis Pabriks, said on Sept. 27, 2019, that:

"Waffen SS legionaries are the
pride of the Latvian people and state. Our duty is to honour these patriots of Latvia from the entire depths of our soul."

"Our memory of our legionnaires, heroes, is vivid and eternal," said Pabriks.

Such comments from Latvia's top political and military leaders are especially offensive to the relatives of tens of millions of people murdered by the Nazis.

For example, Efraim Zuroff of the Simon Wiesenthal Center responded to Pabriks' glorification of Latvia's Waffen SS by saying that:

"Given the fact that the [Latvian] Legion fought for a victory of the Third Reich, the most genocidal regime in history, and that among those serving in it were active participants in the mass murder of Latvian Jewry, as well as of German and Austrian Jews deported by the Nazis to Riga, such comments are incomprehensible, let alone deeply offensive, coming from a senior minister of a country with full membership in the European Union and NATO."

On Oct.1, Pabriks met with the
World Federation of Free Latvians and on Oct. 2, Latvia’s president officially opened their annual meeting.

In another ABN issue, celebrating its 1943 origins (when it was initiated by the Nazis as a Banderite-led network of antiSoviet armies), then-WFFL president Olgerts Pavlovskis greeted ABN delegates by saying: "On behalf of Latvians around the world, I would like to extend ... my sincere greetings and wishes for success."4

The WFFL also belonged to the American Security Council’s Coalition for Peace Through Strength (CPTS).5  Its members included Ronald Reagan and Jesse Helms. Retired US Army General John Singlaub, who was on the CPTS staff,6 founded the US chapter of the World AntiCommunist League in 1981 and led it globally (1984-86).


1. LNAK, Jan.2000

2. For example, see ABN Correspondence: Sept-Jan.-Feb.1979, p.36; Mar.-Apr. 1981, p.6; May-June 1983, p.42; Sept.-Dec. 1983, p.72; Mar.-Apr. 1986, p.25; Mar.-Apr. 1987, p.23, 27; Mar.-Apr. 1988, p.45.

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5. Russ Bellant, Old Nazis, the New Right, and the Republican Party, 1991, p.74.

6. John Singlaub, Peace through Strength, ABN Correspondence, Jan-Feb 1979, pp.7-11.

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