Key Financiers, Organizers and Groups linked to the American Liberty League:

American Legion

Association Against the Prohibition Amendment

Sewell Avery

Thomas L. Chadbourne

Chamber of Commerce

Christian America

Albert Christmas

Dr. Samuel H. Church

Robert S. Clark

William L. Clayton

Committee for a Sound Dollar and Sound Currency


Bill Doyle

The Dupont family

Alfred W. Erickson

Walter E. Frew

Albert W. Hawkes

William R. Hearst

Howard Heinz

E.F. Hutton

William S. Knudsen

Douglas MacArthur

Hanford MacNider

Gerald MacGuire

Andrew W. Mellon

Nathan L. Miller

George M. Moffett

J.P. Morgan

Grayson M.-P. Murphy

National Association of Manufacturers

Order of '76

Pitcairn family

J. Howard Pew

John L. Pratt

Joseph M. Proskauer

John J. Raskob

David A. Reed

Hal Roach

Rockefeller Associates

Pauline Sabin

Jouett Shouse

Alfred P. Sloan, Jr

Alfred Smith

Sentinels of the Republic

Southern Committee to Uphold the Constitution

William H. Stayton

James W. Wadsworth, Jr

Ernest T. Weir

Joseph E. Widener

William Woodward Sr

Sources: The above articles on the organizers, financiers and groups linked to the American Liberty League were written by Press for Conversion! editor Richard Sanders. Although most of the references are listed at the conclusion of each article, other more general reference materials were also used.

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